Adapting to University

Beginning university is a huge transition. We welcome all our new students during the orientation process. Whether you are starting university straight out of high school, returning to school after an absence or joining us from another school, orientation is the first step in familiarizing yourself with university life at Grenfell Campus.

Orientation lays the groundwork for a successful university experience. It's about having fun and hanging out with your peers while learning about academic expectations, making university contacts and becoming part of the community.

Tips for settling in...

Take time for reflection

Build in some time every day to just chill out rather than bouncing from one event to the next constantly. It is important to get enough sleep, but also to relax with music, in a hot bath or doing whatever you like doing. Taking time out lets you reflect on your new experiences. You may wish to use it to consider decisions about your course, who to spend time with or what to get involved in.


It's normal to be nervous

Remember everybody is finding their feet, however cool and confident they may appear. You are surrounded by people from different backgrounds and of different nationalities, but the one thing everyone has in common is that they are surrounded by strangers and do not want to be rejected.

Anxiety at this stage is completely normal and if you do not find your lifetime friends in the first fortnight, you are certainly not alone. Having a few nerves does not mean you are going wrong.


Meet new people

Go to things you know you will enjoy. Do not feel you have to keep in with the crowd at all costs. If you have longed to explore different interests or change your image, but not had the chance, university is a great opportunity. Do not worry if you are not always at ease socially, or if you say or do something you later regret. Learn whatever lesson is there for you, then forget about it and move on.


Be responsible

Whether it is spending more money than you can afford, using drugs, having sex or even just going out when you are already exhausted, you do not have to do anything if you do not want to.


Do not bottle up problems

Talk to someone: either a friend, family member or one of the student support teams.


Be organized from the start

University life demands a high level of self-organisation because you have so much freedom. Think about how you divide up your time and get clear how many hours a week of academic work you need to put in. Doing so will help you to make the most of your free time.