Our facility is the primary field research station for Memorial University in western Newfoundland. We are well placed to act as a hub for research anywhere on the Northern Peninsula whether you are a Marine Biologist, Terrestrial Ecologist, Oceanographer, Biogeochemist, Geographer or Geologist.

You do not need to be a member of Memorial University in order to use us as a staging point for your research. Our facility is well-equipped with small research vessels, a range of sampling equipment, and a laboratory equipped with a fume hood.

We have staff available to support you in whatever your needs might be, from ordering your supplies, to boat handling and field assistance. We can also house you and your team in our clean, modern residence.


Opportunities for Research

The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station, and its location within the boundaries of a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site, provides physical, natural and social scientists with a unique facility and location for ecosystem and coastal community research. There are unmatched opportunities for research in the humanities and for scholarly activity in fine arts.

The biological importance of the region surrounding Bonne Bay is based on the biodiversity present in a range of geographical and geological settings from icy fjords and estuaries, to Arctic kelp beds and salt marshes, and the open marine waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The coastal communities in the Gros Morne region have highly diverse economies, histories and cultures, reflecting a long history of settlement by different peoples drawn to the region to become involved in fisheries, forestry, tourism, the arts and service industries. The communities and their demographics are the focus of ongoing research.
The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station promotes collaboration among researchers from university, industry, government and local community groups across disciplines.

Ongoing areas of active research include:

  • oceanography
  • marine ecology/biology
  • governance
  • community/economic development

Users of the station enjoy well-equipped teaching and research facilities, including laboratories, a library/resource centre, a multimedia theatre, aquaria, and residence accommodations. The space can be adapted to suit the particular needs of individual courses, researchers and other scholars.


Research Facilities

Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station has a range of scientific equipment, mainly focused on sample collection, including small boats and the equipment necessary to support a variety of field work needs. It is also possible to hold and observe organisms in our research aquaria or create microcosms of your own.

Our aquarium is fed by two water lines. One is a deep water source ranging between -2 degrees Celsius in the winter and 4 degrees Celsius in the summer, enabling us to comfortably keep some of the deeper water organisms in the aquarium. The second water line is a shallow water source that gets up to between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius by the end of the summer, which is ideal for our Gulf of St. Lawrence biota.

We are in a phase of growth and diversification and are happy to welcome researchers from all disciplines, both from Memorial University and outside institutions. The Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station is a fantastic base for all field activities in the Gros Morne region.

We have a schedule of fees for facility and services available upon request. If you would like to know anything about the suitability of the region for your research topic, we would be happy to help.

Below is research conducted by the “Friends of Bonne Bay” on the state of Bonne Bay primarily in terms of its ecology, in part using resources collected by multiple generations of Memorial University Students who worked on research projects at the Station.