Payment & Fees

All student account fees are due on the first day of classes each semester. This includes tuition fees, all tuition related fees, and housing costs.



​Fall 2024

​Fall 2025

​Fall 2026

​+4% increase

​+4% increase

​+4% increase

​N.L. and other Canadian students




​International students






Course rates for current undergraduate students including the 2021-22 academic year

​Fall 2024

​Fall 2025

​Fall 2026

​+4% increase

​+4% increase

Adjusted to new level

​N.L. students




​Other Canadian students




​International students






Grenfell students can make payments of tuition, fees, and housing through the below methods:


Methods of Payment

1) MUN self-service – Mastercard and Visa are the only accepted options for the payment of tuition and related fees through your MUN self-service. Credit card payments cannot be made in-person at the Bursar’s office.

  • Login to to launch Memorial Self-Service
  • Click on the following links: student main menu/financial information/credit card payment
  • Follow instructions to make a credit card payment
  • Please note a convenience fee of 2.5% will be charged to your credit card by Moneris.
  • Payments made this way should be applied to your student account immediately.


2) Online banking – Payments made online through your Canadian bank

Set up Memorial University as a payee with your Canadian financial institution by searching for the work "Memorial."

  • Your student number is your account number.
  • Follow your bank's instructions to make your payment.
  • Payments should be processed within 3 business days. Login to and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied.
  • Payments made on or before the fees payment deadline are considered received by Memorial as of the bank transaction date and will NOT be charged a late fee.


3) Cheques / Money Orders – Please make cheques and money orders out to Memorial University and mailed to:

  • Memorial University, Grenfell Campus 20 University Drive Corner Brook, NL A2H 5G4 Attention: Bursar's office
  • In the memo field, please write in student name and student number. Cheques cannot be applied to student accounts if this information is not written on the cheque.
  • Login to and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied.
  • Dishonored cheque fee of $25 will be charged for cheques not honored at the bank. A student with a dishonored cheque record must pay fees by certified cheque or money order in the future.


4) Student Aid – In most cases, student loans are applied directly to your student account. If your student loan does not cover the full amount owing on your student account, please see options 1-3 above on how to pay your balance. Late fees may be charged to your student account based on: date of applying for student loan, date payments are applied to your account, and balance owing after due date if not paid in full on or before the first day of classes. Please login to your MUN self-service to make sure payments are applied and to see your outstanding balance.


5) Convera for International students - Please use Convera for Students platform to send your wire transfer to Memorial University. Convera makes paying tuition and other related fees simple and affordable. It is the preferred method of international payment and can be completed from any bank in any country that is listed in Convera.

  • A Convera transfer is a regular wire transfer that’s sent through your local bank. It is not a money transfer through a Western Union agent.
  • Convera provides the bank account information required for your wire transfer during the final step of a foreign exchange quote. Your payment reference number will be provided at the end of your quote process and it is the only information required to be included in your wire transfer. When you send your wire transfer, do not include any other information. There is a 35-character limit for wire transfer reference details in Canada so including irrelevant information may cause your payment reference number to be cut off or excluded from your wire transfer details. Please note: Quotes expire after 72 hours and transfers must be sent in your selected local currency for the exact amount quoted.
  • To make your payment, please click here.
  • Please be advised this is only for payment fees associated with your student account including tuition and fees. Memorial does not accept payments on student accounts for personal expenses or books.


How Convera works:

  • Select the country you are paying from and how much you need to pay in CAD
  • Choose your preferred method of payment
  • Enter your payment and payor details
  • Process the payment including the Payment Reference Number provided by Convera
  • If you pay via bank transfer: make the payment using the payment instructions generated through your bank online, at branch or via telephone banking.


Benefits of Convera for you:

  • Pay international fees by bank transfer or online payment options in your local currency
  • Convenient payment methods including Alipay, UnionPay, Trustly, Sofort and more
  • No transaction charges from Memorial University or Convera
  • Competitive exchange rates compared to most banks
  • Track your payment online step by step
  • Peace of mind that your full payment is received by Memorial University
  • Multi language platform: French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese and Arabic
  • Customer support service to help you in every step


6) In person at Bursar’s Office – cash / cheque / debit / money order

  • Most debit cards have a daily limit of either $500 or $1,000. Please call your bank ahead of time to ensure you have enough daily limit to pay the desired amount.
  • Credit cards are not accepted at the Bursar’s office for payment on student accounts. (tuition and housing fees)


7) Tuition Vouchers – As we require the original voucher to be applied to student accounts, please choose one of the following options to have the voucher applied to your student account:

  • Mail your tuition voucher to:

Memorial University, Grenfell Campus 

20 University Drive 

Corner Brook, NL A2H 5G4 

Attention: Bursar's office


  • Bring your voucher to the Bursar’s office and have it applied to your account.
  • ***Login to and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied.


Health and dental opt out

Health and Dental Opt Out (Grenfell Campus - GCSU)

  • Must have health and dental coverage other than MCP
  • Click on 'Health and Dental Opt Out'
  • Proceed filling out information online and continue until you receive confirmation of opting out.
  • ***Health and dental fees are not removed from the account right away. They will be reversed by the end of the first month of classes. If you have opted out, and are making a payment online, please deduct the amount of the insurance. If you are making a payment at the Bursar's office, please inform the clerk you have opted out.***


Health and Dental Opt Out (St. John’s Campus - MUNSU) 1)


Deadline for fees

  • Fees are ALWAYS due the first day of classes.
  • If courses are added on or after the first day of classes, you have 48 hours to pay to avoid late fees.
  • Late fees range from $30 - $75 depending on amount owing.
  • Please check out our annual university diary at for further details.


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your student account, fees, or any of the above, please contact:

  • In person: Bursar’s office, Room AS279, Arts & Science Building
  • Email: 
  • Telephone: (709) 637-7656, (709) 637-6286