What is Orientation?

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to campus!

Whether you are starting university straight out of high school, or returning to school after an absence, joining us from another school, or starting university a little later in life, orientation lays the groundwork for a successful university experience. It’s about having fun and hanging out with your peers while learning about academic expectations, making university contacts, and becoming part of the community. At Grenfell, we are the Warriors, a name passed on since the campus opened in 1975 as a symbol of how we work together, as all parts equal, moving forward to conquer our obstacles. Let the Warrior pride carry you through your first days as a Grenfell student to the day you walk across the stage to collect your degree at convocation.

Orientation is Grenfell's way of welcoming you to your university experience! It will arm you with the knowledge you need to tackle your classes while providing social functions and fun activities designed to make interacting with your fellow students enjoyable! It will make the transition from high school or the workforce to university a smooth and enjoyable one. Orientation will:

  • Provide the opportunity to meet lots of new people and make friendships that may last a lifetime.
  • Help you understand the academic expectations put on you by the university, your professors and, even more importantly, yourself.
  • Allow you to build important university contacts that will come in handy throughout your time at Grenfell.
  • Give you a chance to learn about all campus activities, departments, and services.
  • Provide opportunities for you to learn about our community and the beautiful province in which it is situated.
  • Give guidance and advice from upper-year students and faculty members.