T​​he Administration and Finance Office is generally responsible for all non-academic issues on campus. 

Grenfell's Office of Financial Services oversees the financial operations of Grenfell Campus, including budgets, payroll and functions of the Bursar's Office.

We provide the University community with the tools, advice and guidance necessary for efficient and effective management of their financial resources in support of teaching, research and administration. Faculty and staff interact directly with our team throughout the year through purchasing, invoice payments, cash deposits, budgets, and other financial manners. Our team strives to provide services in the most efficient and professional manner. We continuously monitor our processes as well as ensure the integrity of the Campus' financial reporting.


Shanna Jenniex

Director of Finance

AS374C | 709-637-6256 | t64spr@mun.ca


Teena O’Bryan

Manager of Administration - Finance

AS 222 l 709-637-7161 | teenaob@mun.ca


Bryan Duffy

Finance Officer

AS 279 A | 709-639-6527 | w22bjd@mun.ca 


Dawn Hardy

Accounting Clerk

AS 279 | 709-639-2389 | dhardy11@mun.ca


Bursars Office