Graduate Studies

At Grenfell, Memorial University’s beautiful west coast campus, you'll be part of a close-knit and inclusive community, where your professors will know you by name. As an internationally ranked, multidisciplinary university, we provide diverse and high-quality programing to prepare graduates for a successful and exciting career.  You’ll be engaged in dynamic and creative research in our state-of-the-art facilities with our award-winning faculty members. We offer individually focused graduate programs at the master's and PhD levels that directly address global issues.

Graduate Programs


After You’re Accepted

Congratulations on your admission to Grenfell Campus, Memorial University's Graduate Program! Dr.Mumtaz Cheema,Interim Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies (Grenfell Campus) and her staff welcome you to Grenfell Campus. Visit Nadia Simmons, Graduate Programs Administrator, to check in on the details of your journey through graduate school at Grenfell. Nadia's office is on the 4th floor of the Forest Centre, Room FC 4025B.

Ready to get started? We've compiled information for you as a new graduate student to help you prepare before you arrive. Click on this link for further details. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out by contacting EMAIL or We'll respond to your email within one business day.


Tuition, Funding & Employment

Tuition and Fees

Graduate tuition fees at Memorial University are charged on a semester-by-semester basis and reflect the cost of the graduate program not the number of required courses. Memorial has three semesters per academic year: Fall (September - December), Winter (January - April), and Spring (May - August). Program fees are to be paid each semester as per the payment plans outlined below. Master’s students must choose an eligible payment plan when accepting an offer of admission. Please note that normally the payment plan can only be changed in the student’s first semester. For further information on tuition and fees see Minimum Expense Form.


​NL Students

​Other Canadian Students

​International Students

​# of semesters fee must be paid

​Master’s programs Payment Plan A





​Master’s programs Payment Plan B





​Master’s programs Payment Plan C






Special Fees - in addition to semester fee above, the following programs charge a special fee:



​Master of Management

​$10,000 – to be paid $1,667 in each semester 1-6. 

* Please note that some graduate programs have special fees that are charged in addition to the regular program fees outlined above.

  • Plan A is normally recommended for full-time students (i.e., students who anticipate completing in 6 semesters or less).
  • Plan B is normally recommended for part-time students (i.e., students who will require more than 6 semesters to complete).
  • Plan C is normally recommended for students in certain 1-year programs. The following are the only programs for which full-time Master’s students are eligible to choose Plan C: Master of Applied Literary Arts, Master of Arts, non-thesis route, Environmental Policy, Master of Science in Applied Geomatics

Continuance Fees: Students who do not complete their programs in the number of semesters listed above will be required to pay a continuance fee for each additional semester required as listed in the Minimum Expense Form


Other Fees:

Graduate students are also responsible for ancillary fees (including but not exclusive to student union fees, Canadian Federation of Students fees, student services fee, campus renewal fee, health insurance, and dental insurance). The details of these fees can be found on the  Minimum Expense Form



Students may refer to the Guidelines for the Awarding of SGS Fellowships and Graduate Student Support for more information on internal funding and awards.


Internal funding sources

The value of funding will depend on the graduate program a student is admitted to. Funding sources include:

  • School of Graduate Studies fellowships – ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 per year
  • Graduate assistantships (employment) – ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 in accordance with the TAUMUN collective agreement
  • Supervisor grants/contracts – ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 per year


External awards

We strongly encourage graduate students to apply for scholarships and external awards to enhance their qualifications and increase your graduate funding. Students should pay particular attention to graduate scholarships offered by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Some of the more notable scholarship include:

  • CIHR Doctoral Research Awards
  • CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) Program – Master’s Awards
  • NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) Program – Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
  • SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) Program – Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program


Recipients of Tri-Council scholarships are also eligible for the Dean’s Excellence Award valued at $5,000 per year for the duration of the scholarship.

If a student is successful in receiving a scholarship or external funding, that amount may replace a portion or all of the funding offered in the letter of admission. In most cases, however, the student will receive more than the initial funding offer.


Nomination process

Recommendations for funding packages are made by the academic unit at the time of admission and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies. There is no separate application process to be considered for graduate student funding. Full-time applicants to eligible programs will be automatically considered.

For external awards, a separate application is normally required. Please consult the website of the appropriate agency or organization and submit a complete application by the deadline.


Eligibility period

The following are funding eligibility periods for Memorial University graduate students maintaining full-time status and academic standing:

  • One-year master’s programs: one year (three semesters)
  • All other master’s programs: two years (six semesters)
  • PhD programs: four years (twelve semesters)
  • Transfer to a new program: the start of the eligibility period of the program being transferred to is the commencement date of the program being transferred from


Grenfell Graduate Student Society

The GGSS is an enthusiastic committee of student volunteers who organize events and provide resources to support the graduate student community at Grenfell Campus. We aim to connect and engage graduate students in creative and fun ways to ensure everyone feels they have a community they can be a part of.  

Some of the events we’ve held in the past include: 

  • Hockey Night
  • Board game Night
  • Bingo
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Virtual Pizza Party
  • Discord online games night
  • Virtual study sessions
  • Podcast/book club



Grenfell Graduate Resources

Below are the handbooks for each graduate program, please select the handbook you want to view and login with your Grenfell email and password.

MAEP Student Handbook

TRSU Student Handbook

BEAS Student Handbook

MFA Student Handbook

Tips for Great Students - Supervisor Relationships


Connect with Us & FAQs

Here’s our team! Please contact us if you have any questions and concerns. 

Are you looking for more information about the Grenfell Campus Research and Graduate Studies Offices? You can contact us below!


Cheema, Mumtaz Dr.

Interim Associate Vice-President (Grenfell Campus), Research, Graduate Studies

709.639.6533 l AS 240 |


Carter, Ken

Director, Research and Engagement

709.637.6265 l FC 4024 |


Gill, Pamela

Communications Manager

709.632.0936 l FC 4025 |


Ma, Lan

Research Financial Service Officer, Grenfell Campus

709.639.7596 l AS 320 |


Butler Wight, Jennifer

Grants and Contracts Facilitation Officer, Grenfell Campus

7019.637.7328 l FC 4023 | 709-637-7328 |


Simmons, Nadia

Graduate Programs Administrator, Graduate Studies, Grenfell Campus

709.639.6585 l FC 4025B |


Pike, Debbie

Intermediate Secretary, Grenfell Campus

709.637.7193 l FC 4020-4027 |


Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland

20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL

A2H 5G4, Canada


Office: FC 4020-4027

Phone: 709.637.7193


Please contact us if you have any questions and concerns. The members of the Graduate Studies Working Group for Grenfell Campus is also listed below.

  • Dr. Mumtaz Cheema - Associate Vice-president (Grenfell Campus) Research and Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Paul Foley – Graduate Officer, Master of Arts in Environmental Policy (MAEP)
  • Dr. Mumtaz Cheema – Graduate Officer, Master of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agriculture Science (BEAS)
  • Prof. Larry Weyand – Graduate Officer, Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (MFA)
  • Dr. Robert Scott - Graduate Officer, Master of Science in Applied Geomatics (AGEO)
  • Prof. Janice Ryan - Graduate Officer, Master of Management (MMGT)
  • Dr. Shoshannah Ganz- Graduate Officer, Master of Applied Literary Arts (MALA)
  • Dr. Peter Ride, Dean of the School of Fine Arts
  • Dr Morteza Haghiri, Dean of the School of Science and the Environment
  • Nadia Simmons, Graduate Programs Coordinator, Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Research

At Graduate Studies, we love showcasing the research and scholarly activity that our students are undertaking! Below you'll find some videos from some of our students as well as photos and brief explanations of their work. We hope you'll enjoy learning more about the broad range of work being done by graduate students at Grenfell Campus!


Graduate Orientation Schedule

Check back for updates.