Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I find information regarding methods of payments, deadline dates, and late payment charges?

A1. You will find this information in the Registration Procedures on line here.


Q2. If I am paying with student loan, do I have to pay a late payment charge if my loan is not available on the deadline for fees payment?

A2. If you applied for your student loan at least three weeks prior to the deadline for fees payment and if your loan covers all your fees there will be no late payment charge


Q3. If I have a student loan can I pay my fees by another method?

A3. Yes. However, if you wish to do that you must do so by the deadline date published in the methods of payment section of the Registration procedures.


Q4. If I pay by another method after the date published in the Registration Procedures booklets, will the amount still be deducted from my loan?

A4. Yes. The fees will also be deducted from your loan and you will have to wait until automatic refunds are done after the 100% drop deadline. The refund will be done back through the method of payment.


Q5. If I am paying with a tuition voucher and my fees are less than the voucher how do I get the credit for the unused portion?

A5. Another tuition voucher will be forwarded to you for the credit remaining.


Q6. If I have a tuition voucher or scholarship applied to my student account after my student loan has been issued can I have my loan document changed to reflect the payment

A6. Student Loans can only be changed for tuition vouchers or scholarships. The loan document must be changed at the Bursar's office prior to taking the document for processing.


Q7. What happens if I pick up a course after the deadline date for fees payment?

A7. Fees for charges added to the student account by the deadline for fees payment must be paid by that date to avoid the late payment penalty. If you add a course after that date you have 48 hours to pay without incurring the late payment charge.


Q8. Does the 48 hour deadline for payment of extra courses added after the deadline for fees payment apply if I have a student loan?

A8. The deadline does apply to students who have student loans as well. However, the student might want to check with Student Aidto see if there has been a reassessment of their student loan.


Q9. If I have charges dropped how will my refund be done?

A9. Refunds are done after the 100% drop date back through the method of payment.


Q10. If I have a student loan and I drop courses or opt out of the health and dental will that amount be refunded to me?

A10. No. It is a requirement of student aid that these refunds be returned to the National Student Loan Service to reduce the student's debt outstanding.


Q11. How do I opt out of the Health and/or dental insurance?

A11. Undergraduate students with alternate coverage may opt of the health and dental insurance on line at


Q12. If I have completed the opt out for health and/or dental insurance, can I reduce my payment by that amount?

A12. Yes. Payment of the student account can be reduced by the amount of the insurance opt out. The amount will show as an outstanding balance until the opt outs are processed after the undergraduate 100% drop date.


Q13. Where can I get a "Confirmation of Enrollment"?

A13. The "Confirmation of Enrollment" is available at the Registrars Office.


Q14. How can I get a receipt for Income Tax Purposes?

A14. T2202A forms will be available through the Memorial Self Service link at early in February for the preceding calendar year.