What we do

The Accessibility Centre and Education Support (ACES) unit is dedicated to the provision of academic accommodations at Grenfell Campus. ACES offers a range of support services and accommodations, collaborates with students and faculty to develop individualized plans, promotes disability awareness, and works towards creating an inclusive and accessible campus.

To request accommodations related to classroom, testing, and/or exams, please email gcaces@mun.ca.

In collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and off-campus agencies, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University is committed to providing an accessible learning environment for students with disabilities. Accommodating disabilities is a shared responsibility between university staff, faculty, and administrators. We assist prospective and current students whose disabilities involve mobility, vision, hearing, learning (disabilities), chronic illnesses, or mental health. Support is also provided to students with documented temporary illnesses and injuries. Please see the Accessibility Policy for Students with Disabilities for more information.