Each summer, Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station hosts four or five undergraduate courses run by faculty from Memorial University.

Typical course offerings include:

BIOL 3709:"Marine Principles and Techniques"
Students learn how to sample and investigate marine life and example biotopes from the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence and Bonne Bay.


BIOL 3714: "Estuarine Fish Ecology"
Students learn about the community structure, function and distribution of northern coastal fishes in our fjords and estuaries.


BIOL 4912: "Biology of Marine Mammals"
The waters of Bonne Bay and The Gulf of St. Lawrence are home to many marine mammals. This course covers aspects of adaptations to life in the ocean, behaviour, morphology, sensory systems, evolution, community ecology, and their conservation.


Undergraduate Courses at Bonne Bay

To take advertised undergrad courses at Bonne Bay, students should contact the program officer prior to registering. Students with all required course prerequisites completed will be able to register during their scheduled registration window for the spring/summer semester.

Students without all pre-requisites should contact both the Academic Program Officer and the assigned course instructor.


Teach at Bonne Bay

Field teaching is widely considered to be the most effective form of teaching in the natural sciences. The combination of having the rapt attention of your class, the intensive nature of the teaching along with fresh air and beautiful scenery is as compelling as it is memorable.

Bonne Bay Aquarium & Research Station is ideally situated for the running of field schools, surrounded as we are by the mantle-rocks of Gros Morne National Park, as well as Bonne Bay itself with its diverse biology, archeology and rick communities. Every year we host several courses for the Department of Biology at Memorial University, but we are also happy to have groups from other institutions.

If you are interested in running a pre-existing course at our site, or designing a completely new one, do feel free to get in touch. We are well connected with the research community, as well as with the scientists at Gros Morne National Park and can help steer you towards whatever information or connections you might need.

We can provide most of what any field course might need including accommodation, food, equipment, a laboratory space with a fume hood, and a modern comfortable lecture theatre. Our boats are also available to your class, just ask for a schedule of fees.