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Immigration Information

Before you come to Canada, you must obtain the correct immigration documents. Depending on your situation, you may or may not need a study permit. You can visit the Immigration and Citizenship Canada website to find our if you need a study permit.

Grenfell Campus provides immigration advising to future students. If you need any immigration support, please email Make sure to include your full name and student number on the email. 

Living in Canada

International students are responsible to find on and off-campus accommodations before coming to Canada. At Grenfell Campus, we can provide support with on and off campus accommodations:

On-Campus Housing

  • Deadlines for on-campus accommodations can be found here.
  • It is highly recommended that international students apply by posted deadline dates. If you are currently waiting for your study permit or have not applied, you are still encouraged to submit an application (Important note: Refunds or reversals of the confirmation fee will be done with the submission of proof for individuals who do not receive their visas)
  • First year students who apply by the posted deadline date are guaranteed a room space
  • Failure to complete the application by the posted deadline dates may result in not being offered on-campus accommodations
  • For more information, visit the Grenfell Campus Student Housing website or email

Off-Campus Housing

If you are struggling finding off-campus housing in the city of Corner Brook, you can email


Travelling to Canada

Arrivals Support for International Students Spring 2024

Grenfell Campus is located in the city of Corner Brook. The closest airport to our campus is Deer Lake Regional Airport YDF, located on the west coast of Newfoundland. The St. John's airport is 700km away from the city of Corner Brook. 

Before you come to Canada, we can help you plan your trip to Grenfell Campus through the arrivals form, no matter the time of the year you start your studies with us.  In addition, we also offer a complementary airport greeting service only during move-in dates to our new international students. When filling the arrivals form found below, please keep in mind:

  • This service is for new international students who are coming to Grenfell Campus located in the city of Corner Brook. If you have been accepted to the St. John's Campus, email, as the arrivals process may differ between campuses.
  • All new international students are encouraged to fill out this form, regardless of their time and date of their arrivals.
  • When you fill out the form, we provide important information you must know before you get on a plane.
  • For the fall and winter semester, we offer an airport greeting service from Deer Lake airport to Grenfell campus. This service ONLY available during Student Housing Moving dates, regardless of arrival time. You MUST complete the arrivals form in order to avail of this service. A Grenfell greeter will be at the airport at the moment of your arrival only if you have successfully completed all of the requirements for it.
  • Students who arrive during the month of May for the spring semester and fill out the form will have a complimentary taxi service from Deer Lake regional airport YDF to Grenfell campus. No airport greeting service is available for the spring semester.  
  • Student housing moving dates for the spring 2024 semester are May 4 and 5.
  • Students arriving before or after May are responsible for arranging their own transportation, which can cost up to $85 CAD for a private taxi. We recommend carrying Canadian currency. 
  • If you will be living in student housing, you can purchase a Welcome Kit (which includes a pillow, a Grenfell throw blanket, bed sheets, and a body towel) that will be placed in your room before your arrival.
  • It is recommended that all new international students fill out the Grenfell arrivals form found below once you have all your travel documents such as your visa/eTA, and/or a valid study permit. If you have any questions about how to get these documents, please email

The Grenfell Buddy Program

Are you a new international student who would like to get connected with current Grenfell students? The Grenfell Buddy Program lets you do that by paring currently enrolled international students at Grenfell with new incoming international students for the purpose of creating a social network for these students before they arrive to Canada.

Some of the ways that buddies can help new students is answer questions about wide variety of topics including:

  • Their experiences as an international student living in Corner Brook
  • Where to go and who to talk about campus and community resources
  • How to get involved in campus life
  • Cultural norms in Canada and what to expect.

If you want to be part of this program, please contact


International Orientation

This section will be updated for Fall semester.