ARC-NL Research Pillars

The activities at ARC-NL are organized by three research pillars to create and support research on topics covering the spectrum of aging. The pillars are led by researchers on both campuses who can connect researchers across campuses both within and across the pillars. The pillar leads also serve on the ARC-NL Core Leadership Team.

The three ARC-NL pillars are described below:


Pillar 1: The Biology of Aging

The mission of the Biology of Aging pillar of ARC-NL is to improve health and quality of life through research on aging processes and age-related diseases by understanding biological, cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging.  Pillar leads: Drs. Sukhinder Cheema (Biochemistry, St. John’s Campus) and Karen Doody (Environmental Science, Grenfell Campus).



Pillar 2: The Lived Experience of Aging

The mission of the Lived Experience of Aging pillar of ARC-NL is to understanding and improve the health and quality of life of older adults with cognitive and mental health issues, foster a recognition of the diversity of older adults, promote practices that help establish positive personal and emotional well-being, and develop and improve interventions that lead to healthier aging outcomes. Pillar lead: Dr. Kelly Warren (Psychology, Grenfell Campus).


Pillar 3: Aging in Place

The mission of the Aging in Place Pillar is to support and empower older adults to age well in place at home and in their communities through engaged research. This includes consideration of the impacts of local, provincial and national programs and policies and design of age-friendly programs and policies with a strong focus on community-based and community-engaged research.  Pillar leads: Dawn Pittman (Western Regional School of Nursing, Grenfell Campus) and Dr. Kelly Vodden (Environmental Policy Institute, Grenfell Campus).

If you are interested in becoming a part of a research pillar or to find out more, please contact us at