ARC-NL supports research on a variety of topics related to aging across Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Currently, there are meeting and research spaces available in Corner Brook, St. John's, Grand Falls-Windsor, and North-West River that are available to members.

NEW! Join ARC-NL Research Chair Dr. Benjamin Zendel for a guided tour of the ARC-NL and CAAN labs!


Corner Brook

ARC-NL Laboratory, Grenfell Campus (AS121)

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This 47m2 (500 sq. ft) space includes a 32-channel BioSemi Electroencephalography (EEG) system, double-walled, electrically shielded sound-attenuating booth, audiometer, speakers, earphones and headphones.  The research space can be used to conduct perceptual or cognitive neuroscientific studies, or can be used a quiet space to conduct private interviews.   In addition to this research space, there are a number of work spaces for trainees or visiting members.  Please contact  EMAIL to book this research space.

VP Board Room, Grenfell Campus (FC4025a)

The VP Board Room is available for meetings and can accommodate up to 12 people. The Board Room is equipped with internet, Wi-Fi, telephone, and Polycom video-conferencing. Please contact EMAIL to reserve this room, and EMAIL to set up a videoconference meeting in this room.


St. John's

CAANLab (HSC1816)

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This 93m2 (1000sq. ft) space includes a 128-channel BioSemi EEG system, double-walled electrically shielded sound-attenuating booth, a Tucker-Davis real time sound processor, MIDI compatible musical instruments, audiometer, speakers, earphones, and headphones.  The space is designed for auditory perceptual research, but can also be used to conduct other perceptual/cognitive neuroscientific studies, or can be used as a quiet space to conduct private interviews. In addition to the laboratory space, there are high powered computing workstations available for data analysis, and work spaces for trainees or visiting researchers. 

NLCAHR Board Room, 95 Bonaventure Avenue, Suite 300

The NLCAHR Board Room is available for meetings and can accommodate up to 25 people The NLCAHR Board Room is equipped with internet, Wi-Fi, telephone, and Polycom video-conferencing. Please contact for more information and to reserve this room.


Grand Falls-Windsor

North West River

The Labrador Campus Research Station is part of the Labrador Campus of Memorial University, a leading centre of research, outreach and education, by and for the North. The Labrador Campus Research Station includes multi-purpose space used for employee offices, an archaeology collections room, physical science laboratories (a prep (wet) lab, an analytical lab and a geological sample prep lab), a shared research space, accommodations space with a full kitchen and dining area, a large common room, short-term storage space and field equipment for rent and loan. Internet, Wi-Fi, telephones and a boardroom with video-conferencing capabilities are also available at the research station. 


Useful Links for Older Adults

Office of Seniors Advocate

The office of Seniors Advocate or OSA makes independent recommendations and promotes awareness to improve seniors' services, which are the programs, services or supports related to health care, personal care, housing, transportation or finances that are used by, or associated with, seniors. 

Contact Information:

Telephone: (709) 729-6603
Toll-Free: 1-833-729-6603


Seniors NL:

SeniorsNL is an important resource for seniors of this province, and are a planning partner for our future conference.

About SeniorsNL: "We are dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of older adults in Newfoundland and Labrador through the provision of information as well as various programs and services."

Contact Information:

Call: 709-737-2333
Toll-free: 1-800-563-5599 (in NL)


Canadian Food Guide to Healthy Aging: Why is healthy eating important for seniors?


Corner Brook Public Library- Home Reader Service 

Contact Information – 709-634-0013 (contact for eligibility and/or more information)

The Corner Brook Public Library offers a Home Reader Service to residents in these communities if they are:

  • senior citizens who cannot visit the library
  • visually or physically challenged persons or
  • persons living in care facilities or seniors housing.

This service will deliver new books and take back previously loaned materials on a rotating schedule. The service can bring you books, in regular and large print, as well as audio books and more.


Physical Activity Guide for Healthy Aging:


Newfoundland and Labrador – Health and Community Services:

The Department of Health and Community Services provides a leadership role in health and community services programs and policy development for the province. This involves working in partnership with a number of key stakeholders including regional health authorities, community organizations, professional associations, post-secondary educational institutions, unions, consumers and other government departments.


Newfoundland and Labrador – Health and Wellness

Links and additional resources and many healthcare services, and information within the province. 


Safer Meds NL

SaferMedsNL brings together patient advocates, community organizations, healthcare professionals and academic researchers, to improve medication use through deprescribing (or safely stopping) potentially harmful or unnecessary medications. 


Useful Links for Professionals

Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG):

The Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) is a national, multidisciplinary scientific and educational association established to provide leadership in matters related to the aging population.


CLSA – Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging:

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) is a large, national, long-term study that will follow approximately 50,000 individuals who are between the ages of 45 and 85 when recruited, for at least 20 years. The CLSA will collect information on the changing biological, medical, psychological, social, lifestyle and economic aspects of people's lives. These factors will be studied to understand how, individually and in combination, they have an impact in both maintaining health and in the development of disease and disability as people age. 


Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP):

The CAGP is involved with a number of activities to promote and advocate for seniors mental health.


Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health (CCSMH):

The mission of the CCSMH is to promote the mental health of seniors by connecting people, ideas and resources.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is Canada's federal funding agency for health research. Composed of 13 Institutes, we collaborate with partners and researchers to support the discoveries and innovations that improve our health and strengthen our health care system.



AGE-WELL is a unique Canadian network that brings everyone together to develop technologies and services for healthy aging. 


Aging Research Within Canada:

This is a brief released by the Canadian Federal government that discusses and debates on different aspects on how the country can promote healthy aging in Canada. It provides five key focus areas for action on healthy aging.