From concept to publication: Authors write, edit, make and sell their own books

Grenfell student authors and editors collaborated on what was an incredibly unique project to end the semester.

ENGL4905/ALA6115 (Writing and Publishing) is a creative writing course that is taken by both upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students in the Masters of Applied Literary Arts program.

As part of their final project, graduate students took on the role of editor/publisher, and were assigned an undergraduate student author. Using material that they had written or refined throughout the semester, the undergraduate students determined a vision for their publication, while the graduate students offered recommendations for improving the quality of work, then took the lead on production.

Using equipment procured through the English Program, and the technical assistance of staff in the School of Fine Arts and the Centre for Research and Innovation, each student pairing created a physical book of poetry or prose, all of which were celebrated and sold at a book launch in the Arts and Science atrium at the end of the term.

“From my standpoint as a spectator at this event, it was amazing to see the pride these students took in their work,” said attendee Melissa Halford.

To highlight some of the student profiles, below are the bios of two student authors, and one student editor.

Brittany Ellsworth is a writer and student at Grenfell Campus. She lives on the west coast of Newfoundland with her ever-supportive partner and beloved Westies, Willo and Skye. She can be found on the trails and beaches near her house, searching for inspiration in the beautiful place she is lucky to call home. This is her first collection of poetry.

Madison Farrell is a writer, lizard mom, and horror movie enthusiast from Port aux Basques,

Newfoundland. Since completing her bachelor of arts in English at Grenfell, Madison spends her time crocheting, writing, and taking photos of wildlife. She is passionate about literature, film, and folklore and plans to continue her education in the near future.

Katarina Sremac is an emerging writer from Serbia, who currently lives in Corner Brook where she is pursuing a bachelor of arts, English at Grenfell Campus. She lived in Sweden before moving to Canada to pursue her studies, and her multinational background informs her work. In her writing, she explores themes of social isolation and alienation through the lens of surrealism. This is her first collection of short stories.