Admitted to Grenfell

Confirming your acceptance

Fall 2024 applicants are required to confirm their acceptance through the application portal once an admission decision has been made. You can confirm or decline the acceptance through your "My Account" page under the Decision History tab and then select Respond Now.

You should check your "My Account" page regularly but you will also receive an admission decision via email. Admission decision emails from competitive-entry programs will be sent to your @mun email account. Admission decisions for general admission programs will be sent to the email account provided on your application. Confirmation directions and deadlines will be indicated in the admission decision email and/or on your "My Account" page.


Paying your tuition deposit

As of Fall 2024 applicants receiving a final acceptance decision will be required to pay a general tuition deposit when they confirm their acceptance. The general tuition deposit is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied against your tuition fees upon registration in courses in the applied semester.

In cases where Memorial withdraws your offer of admission, a full refund of the general tuition deposit will be made. International applicants who are denied a student visa by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), will be eligible for a full refund of any general tuition deposit paid less a $150 administrative fee.

General tuition deposit required:

Canadian applicants: $150 (CAD)

International applicants: $300 (CAD)

The tuition deposit must be paid through your My Account page in the application portal under the Decision History tab and then select Respond Now.

Please note:

Tuition deposit deadlines will be in your admission decision email.

The confirmation and tuition deposit must occur at the same time. If you confirm your admissions offer without paying the tuition deposit in the Admissions portal, your confirmation will not be processed. You will need to confirm and deposit at a later date.


Viewing your paid tuition deposit

Receipt: When you submit your tuition deposit you will receive an email with the transaction details.

Student Self Service: In 48-72 hours your tuition deposit can be viewed from the Student Main Menu:

Select Financial Information

Select View Account Summary by term

Click on the term displayed (eg. 2024-2025 Fall) and it will bring you to the account details where you will see the tuition deposit.

The tuition deposit will be held in your student account until there is a tuition charge for the semester applied (you register for courses in that semester). It will then be deducted from your tuition amount owing. If, after you register and pay for your courses, you decide not to attend Memorial University, the tuition deposit will be deducted from your tuition refund.


Third party fee payment

If your full-time (9 credit hours or more) tuition amount is to be paid by a third party (bursary program, student aid) and you are not able to pay the tuition deposit, you may request a tuition deposit extension by sending an email to When the tuition is paid, a portion of it will be designated as the tuition deposit and will be non-refundable. The extension will need to be approved before you can confirm your attendance.

The email should contain:

  • Your full name
  • Memorial student number
  • Semester for which you applied
  • Name of the third party paying the tuition and proof of their intention to pay the full-time tuition amount
  • Refund of deposit


Refund of tuition deposits due to extenuating circumstances (not IRCC denied student visa as above) your request must be made in writing to the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee.


Apply for On-Campus Housing

If you plan on living on campus, and have not yet applied for on campus accommodations, you should do so right away.  To apply online click here.


Accept your Offer

Once you are offered early (provisional) or final general or faculty/school admission, the decision is added to the University's student administration system. Within 24 hours of this update, your Memorial Self-Service and email accounts will be ready for you to use for login and setup. It's very important that you set up these accounts as soon as possible after you've been admitted.


Accept your seat (Competitive Programs Only)

If you have been accepted to one of our competitive entry programs you may have to accept your offer for admission to the program.  Be sure to do so by the indicated deadline on your letter of offer.


Set up your accounts

Twenty-four hours after your acceptance, you can set up your Memorial Self-Service and @mun email accounts. You need to set up these accounts as soon as possible so that we can communicate important information to you. 

To set up Memorial Self Service - use your student number as your user ID and log in with your temporary PIN (your birth year and your birth day – YYYYDD).

Create a new PIN once you've logged in. You also need to create a security question. Your security question will allow you to access your account if you forget your PIN.

To set up your @mun email Click here . Use the "Set Up Account" and "I Am a Student" options to get started. Use your student number and Memorial Self-Service PIN to login.

You will be asked to select an email system (MUNmail is recommended). Read and agree to the terms and chose a new password for your account. Don't forget the MUN login ID given to you.

Obtain your Grenfell E-mail information - Once you register for your courses, you will receive an email to your @mun email account providing you with details on your Grenfell computer log in and email account.  


Seek Academic Advice

During April and May, academic advisors travel throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to meet with students to discuss their course selection and the registration process for the fall term.  If you live outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, advisors will contact you either by telephone or email to assist you.  If you have not spoken with an advisor prior to your registration time you are encouraged to call 709-637-6298 or 1-866-381-7022 (within North America) and book an appointment.  


Secure Your Funding

If you meet the qualifications, you will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. No application required.

The Government of Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador work together to provide student financial assistance. Both loans and grants are available to help you access and pay for post-secondary education. With one application you will be assessed for both federal and provincial financial assistance.  For students who reside outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, you must contact your local financial aid department in your home province.

Students who require a confirmation of enrolment for their funding (ie: RESP, external funding, etc) should note that your enrolment cannot be verified until you have registered for your courses.  If you have questions on this matter, please contact the Registrar's Office.


Register for Your Courses

Course registration takes place online through Memorial Self Service and begins in July for the fall semester, and in November for the winter semester. A notice giving you permission to register will be sent to your @mun email account approximately one month before registration begins. You can also view your registration time on Memorial Self Service by selecting "Registration" and then "View Registration Times."

If you've been admitted to Grenfell after registration opens, you will be allowed to register once your application has been processed.

Registration for placement tests and the lab safety course may be required.  Please contact Academic Advising at 709-637-6298 if you require further information.

New students are reminded to register for orientation when they register for their courses.


Notify Us if you Require Academic Accommodations

If you have a documented disability and will need accommodations while attending Grenfell Campus, please contact Disability Services.


Pay Your Fees

Payments for tuition and student fees are due the first day of classes.

Did you know you can pay your student account using your bank's online or telephone payment system? Memorial University can be set up as a payee for most major banks. Just follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Set up Memorial University as a payee with your financial institution.
  2. Follow your bank's instructions to make a payment to MUN. Your student ID is your account number.
  3. Go to, log into and check your student account to ensure the payment has been applied. Payments should be processed within 2 business days.

Let us know if you are not coming

Contact us for information about withdrawing your application. Keep in mind that if you have already registered for courses, you are responsible for all financial and academic obligations related to your course registrations and the related University cancellation deadlines.

View the University Diary for more information about deadlines and refunds.