Show us what you've got!

Your portfolio should show us samples of your best work, as well as your current artistic skills​​ and interests. 

Your portfolio is simply a collection of examples of your creative practice. We encourage you to show us a broad range of artwork so that we can see where you have potential and interest. We also encourage you to present a neat and orderly package; one that best protects your work and demonstrates your skills.

Subject matt​e​r

The subject matter of your portfolio is open, as is the variety of mediums and disciplines. Examples of drawings, paintings, collages, photography, textiles, sculptures, ceramics, etc. are all acceptable forms of creative expression that can be included in your portfolio.

Things to AVOI​​D in a portfolio:

  • A whole portfolio of one thing, one medium or one approach.
  • Artwork that is copied from comic books, graphic novels, anime or magazines, fan art. Express your originality, explore your surroundings! A drawing of your friend is a better indicator of your skills and creativity than a copy of an animated character, no matter how "perfect."
  • Very old work that bears little or no relation to your current level of skill or understanding.
  • Careless presentation.

Things to INCLUDE in a portfolio:

  • Photographs of your artwork that are clear, well lit, and in focus. Make sure your artwork is featured prominently (no distracting backgrounds).
  • Optional: a short description (100 words max.) on your Image List of each artwork to help us understand your intention, idea or process.
  • Works in progress such as sketches, journal writing, notes, rough drafts of ideas, pages from your sketchbook or process images of sculptures, digital painting, etc.
  • A variety of subject matter, mediums and disciplines.

Upload it!

Guidelines for submitting a digital ​portfolio of images and/or videos of artwork:

These guidelines will ensure that we are able to review all of your artwork that is submitted digitally. Please upload images of your artwork (in a single PDF) or a link to a Google Drive containing images of your artwork, as part of your online application.

Image List

Include a description (Image List) of the contents (file number, title, medium, date) as a document file. If you wish, you may write a short description (100 words max.) of each artwork to help us understand your intention, idea or process. It is your responsibility to ensure that all material reaches us in a readable format. It's a good idea to test your material on a second computer before you submit it to make sure that it is readable.​

  • 15 - 20 digital images, for works that lend themselves to still documentation OR
  • 10 - 15 digital images and a link to one video (maximum five minutes), for works that require both still and video documentation.

Audiovisual Specificati​​ons

File names must be in the following format: 01initials.jpg (image number, applicant's name). The image numbers must correspond to the Image List (description of digital images and/or video). Do not use punctuation, spaces, more than 45 characters per file name or special characters in your file names.

​Image files m​ust be:

  • JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) format
  • no larger than 1.5 MB

Audiovisual files must be: