The Master's of Science in Applied Geomatics (M.Sc. AGEO) is a collaboration between Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (Grenfell-MUNL), and the Corner Brook campus of College of the North Atlantic (CNA-CB).

The program has two stages. During the first stage, students enroll in the GIS Applications Specialist (post-diploma) at CNA-CB. Upon successful completion of the CNA post-diploma program, students enroll in the M.Sc. (AGEO) at Grenfell-MUNL. Upon completion, students receive both a post-diploma in Geospatial Analysis from College of the North Atlantic, and an M.Sc. in Applied Geomatics from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The program is designed to provide students with high-level geospatial analysis training (at CNA-CB) that is applied to a master’s level research project (at Grenfell-MUNL).  Data wrangling, tidying, analysis, and dissemination are becoming critical skills in an ever changing world where decisions require quantitative/qualitative evidence.  Students begin the AGEO program at CNA-CB where they are fully immersed into geospatial data science. During this time, students also work with CNA-CB faculty and their Grenfell-MUNL thesis supervisor to prepare a thesis proposal and project plan.  Upon successful completion of the GIS (post-diploma), students continue their research under the supervision of their Grenfell supervisor. CNA-CB offers leading edge software & hardware and an instruction staff with more than 60 years of combined geoscience experience.  Grenfell-MUNL has many world-class researchers within modern facility and state-of-the-art labs.  Thesis topics can range from a wide area of research including (but not limited to): ecology, environmental sciences, geology, geography, biology, agriculture, and a number of social sciences.  


Applying to the program

Students interested in this program apply to both the CNA Applications Specialist in GIS (post-diploma) and the MUNL M.Sc. (AGEO) concurrently. If Memorial University’s graduate studies admissions requirements are met, candidates are granted conditional acceptance to the M.Sc. (AGEO) program. Upon successful completion of the GIS Applications Specialist (post-diploma) program, students will be enrolled in the M.Sc. (AGEO) and continue their thesis research and graduate course work (students are required to take a minimum of one graduate level course) at Grenfell Campus.

Steps to applying to the MSc (AGEO) degree program:

1) find a Grenfell (or other elligible researcher, see Opportunities page) faculty member who is willing to be your thesis supervisor,

IMPORTANT NOTE: the program has a limited number of seats and a large number of applicants - your application will not be considered if you have not contacted and identified a potential supervisor

2) apply to the MSc program through the Memorial University School of Graduate Studeis (link below),

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already completed the CNA GIS Application specialist program you should upload a copy of your diploma and transcripts for that program in the MUNL application portal

3) contact Dr. Robert Scott to let him know that you have applied.


Progression through the program

  • Semester 1 – Enrolment in post-diploma program - CNA-CB 
  • Semester 2 – Enrolment in post-diploma program - CNA-CB 
  • Semester 3 – Enrolment in post-diploma program - CNA-CB
  • Semester 4 – Enrolment in M.Sc. AGEO - GC-MUN 
  • Semester 5 – Enrolment in M.Sc. AGEO - GC-MUN
  • Semester 6 – Enrolment in M.Sc. AGEO - GC-MUN

Apply to GIS Applications Specialist (post-diploma) at College of the North Atlantic here.

Apply to M.Sc. (Applied Geomatics) at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University here.


For more information about the M.Sc. (Applied Geomatics) contact: