LI-Grenfell live + online

The Labrador Campus-Grenfell Campus live/online experience is an exciting way to learn! Students in Labrador will share a "classroom" with students at Grenfell Campus.

The Labrador Campus and Grenfell Campus will offer a suite of classes to support:

  1. Labrador students may join the Social/Cultural Studies Programme in their 3rd year. Students may also join Historic Studies or English Program
  2. The Certificate in Aboriginal and Indigenous Studies


Here's what you need to know:

Look at available classes and register through the online portal of Labrador Campus, Grenfell Campus and/or MUN St. John's.

There will be a combination of live synchronic video lectures from Grenfell Campus and/or the Labrador Campus and other points in Labrador. Additional instructional material will be provided via BlueJeans.

Successful completion of the 3rd and 4th year at Grenfell Campus will result in a Bachelor of Arts degree in social/cultural studies.

Fall and Winter course offerings will be available May 1st and September 1st 


For more information contact:

  • Morgon Milles, Program Coordinator
  • Labrador Campus
  • Office: Room 113
  • Tel: (709) 896-6394
  • Email:


  • John Bodner
  • Grenfell Campus
  • Office: AS383
  • Tel: (709) 639-2380
  • Email: