Student Employment Programs


The Student Work and Service Program (SWASP), funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, was designed to reduce the debt load of student parents, and to offer a valuable work opportunity where learned skills could be put to use and new ones strengthened. What does SWASP offer participants?

  1. A valuable work experience, applicable to their program of study and career objectives
  2. A tuition credit
  3. An opportunity to network; and to strengthen and develop skills
  4. Personal and professional development through workshops offered on resume, cover letter writing; interview tips; job search/networking; and more!


Who is eligible

  • Fall semester: funding is available to student parents enrolled at Memorial University.
  • Winter semester: funding is available to student parents enrolled at Memorial. (Should additional funding become available, this program will be available to non-parent students)
  • Spring Semester: Funding is available to both student parents and non-student parents (i.e. ALL Memorial students are eligible)

Program Options:

Option A:

260 hours (full-time hours, only part-time students can apply);
$1400 tuition voucher, $1200 cash stipend
Non-Student parents can apply for this option only.

Option B:

100 hours (part-time hours, part-time and full-time students can apply);
$1200 tuition voucher OR $750 tuition voucher, $450 cash stipend.




Student Aid



Emergency Student Loans​​

The Grenfell Campus Student Union funds an emergency short-term loan to assist undergraduate students who find themselves in a difficult situation.

An application is available at Student Services main office. Please allow at least 24 hours for processing. To avail of this program, students normally must:

  • Be registered full time
  • Be in clear academic standing
  • Not owe any fees from previous semesters
  • Must have exhausted all other sources of assistance
  • Must demonstrate their ability to repay the loan one day before the registration date
  • Allow access to financial and academic information, if necessary, to determine eligibility
  • Provide documentation of proof of need, if necessary
  • Must agree to meet with staff to discuss their request
  • Allow sufficient time to process (normally a day)
  • Not exceed $300 per request

Emergency short-term loans are also available for graduate students. 

Please email or call 637-6232 for more information.


Scholarships and Awards



Student Innovation Fu​​nd

Do you have a good idea to enhance student engagement on campus and need some funding to get started? Below are some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Student Innovation Application Form (PDF)


What is the purpose of the Student Innovation Fund?

The purpose of the Student Innovation Fund is to reinforce student innovation, empower students to productively respond to student issues and foster feelings of ownership, involvement and connection to the mission and community of Grenfell Campus. The Office of Health & Diversity Student Services Office administers this fund.


Who can apply?

Individual applications can be submitted by full-time undergraduate students. Part-time undergraduate students may also apply, but funding requests will be pro-rated.


Are graduate students eligible to apply?

The Student Innovation Fund is for undergraduate students only.


Will the Student Innovation Fund support student travel?

Yes! Applications will be considered for travel up to six weeks. Please note, this fund cannot be used to fund the international exchange.


What is the maximum funding available?

Individual student and group applications will be considered for a maximum allocation of $500 per semester.


What are the criteria used to decide which ideas are funded?

Proposals for funding are submitted to the Student Innovation Fund committee which is composed of student and university representatives. This committee normally reviews proposals three times per year but can be flexible depending on the circumstances.

Three criteria will be used to evaluate proposals: innovation, empowerment and student involvement. Proposals which best meet these criteria will receive funding, as resources allow.


Innovative initiatives may include:

  • New programs.
  • An innovative delivery of an existing program and/or service.
  • An expanded or enriched program.
  • An initiative that will enrich the student experience at Memorial.


Initiatives which encourage empowerment may include:

  • Informational and educational initiatives related to student issues.
  • Training programs which develop leadership capabilities or student awareness.


Initiatives which foster student involvement may include those that:

  • Broaden student participation in events on campus.
  • Integrate academic areas with social and community activities.
  • Mentor younger students through shared activities with more experienced students.


When do I need to apply?

Applicants can apply for funding once per semester (fall, winter, spring/summer).


Application deadlines

  • Spring/Summer: June 15*
  • Fall: Oct. 15*
  • Winter: Feb. 15*

*applications can be reviewed before or after the deadline depending on the nature of the activity/event


Applications not eligible:

  • The application is related to course requirements i.e. internship, rotation, clinical or group work in a course.
  • The application is related to an event that is being facilitated by a faculty or department at Grenfell.
  • Application to support a third-party organization.


Am I expected to do anything in return for the funding?

Applicants may be called upon to participate in an annual showcase event which celebrates student activity supported through the fund or may be asked to submit photos or a report of their funded activities.


How do I apply?

Download the Student Innovation Application Form (PDF) or (Microsoft Word Version) or pick up a copy from the Office of Health & Diversity. Complete the form and submit to AS 271 before the deadline.


If I have questions, who should I speak with?

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the Office of Health & Diversity at (709) 637-6232.

All information requested by the Student Innovation Fund will be used solely for the administration and management of the program. All personal information collected by the Student Innovation Fund Committee is subject to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information is collected under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is used for the purposes of academic administration, program planning and human resource management. Questions about this collection and use of personal information may be directed to the Office of Health & Diversity, AS 271.


If you are a student with a bright idea that needs support to get it growing, then we want to hear about it!