We all engage with businesses and organizations on a daily basis—from our local shops to big box stores, from our places of work to our kid’s school, from the non-profit group where we volunteer our time, to our places of civic engagement.

Regardless of the industry or profession you may aspire to or already find yourself in, studying business in its many forms will push you to consider how organizations, and the people in them, impact every aspect of our lives.

Grenfell Business invites you to examine the world of business through your pursuit of a minor in business, a Bachelor of Business Administration (including an honours option), or a Masters of Management. Of course, you may also choose to explore individual courses of interest like introduction to business or entrepreneurship, which complement studies in any university program.

The Grenfell Business program will help you to build competence and confidence in the skills that will equip you to positively shape and build your organizations and your communities. Here you will critically reflect on what it means to work with diverse people, resources, ideas, and mandates, as you examine subject areas like accounting and finance, marketing and communications, entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership and human resources, and strategy and change management.

Join us at Grenfell Business to share and build your business knowledge, skills, and experiences! To find out more, explore below:


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