Overview of Changes to Grenfell Business Programming

Grenfell Business programming has recently undergone a comprehensive review that has resulted in several changes to course offerings, program regulations and options, and articulation agreements. The following information on the most substantive changes have been summarized here for your ease of reference, but students should note that the University calendar is the ultimate authority all Bachelor of Business Administration program regulations.


Three of the most significant changes relate to:

The most important takeaway here is that if you have any question related to these changes or to your business program in general, you should seek academic advising from gcbusiness@mun.ca.


Changes to the Bachelor of Business Administration program

This information is relevant to all students completing the BBA, including students who have transferred into the program.

Specific BBA program regulations may be reviewed here. Please note that recently approved program changes will not be reflected in the Calendar before the end of June 2024.

Program guides based on these NEW regulations for students pursuing the 120-credit hour (40-course) BBA program may review their program guide here. Students who have transferred into the BBA program under an articulation agreement may review their NEW program guides here (for graduates of a 2-year business diploma from College of the North Atlantic), and here (for graduates of a 3-year business diploma program from CNA).


Step 1: Determine your student category

Category A: BBA Student Beginning business program in/after Fall 2024

Category B: BBA Student, pre-September 2024

New program regulations apply to you; you do not have to make any decision on which program regulations to follow

You have an important choice to make:

  • Before the start of the Fall 2024 registration period (July 2024), you must choose between following the NEW Program Curriculum or the OLD Program Curriculum.
  • You are responsible to notify Grenfell Business of your choice at gcbusiness@mun.ca as soon as possible.


Step 2: Category B students have an important decision to make

If you are a Category B student, you must decide whether to follow either the NEW or OLD program curriculum. This decision will dictate the specific courses you must complete in order to satisfy your BBA program requirements.

The table below will help to inform your choice of which program regulations will be best suited to you as you complete your BBA program. Since students are at different points in their program, the same option may not make sense for everyone, so it is important to examine your situation carefully.

If you are still unclear on which option works best for you after you have reviewed the table, please reach out to us at gcbusiness@mun.ca so we may advise you on the most appropriate path.

Once you decide which program option you will pursue, you are required to notify gcbusiness@mun.ca. Please do not register for any courses until you are certain you are following the correct program path.


Remember, as Memorial University students, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are completing courses in accordance with appropriate program regulations.

All students are strongly encouraged to reach out to us at gcbusiness@mun.ca with any questions they may have on their program or course selection.


Changes to the BBA Honours program

This program option is ONLY available to students who complete the full 120-credit hour Bachelor of Business Administration program through Memorial University.

This program designation requires that students achieve a minimum of 75% in both core and business elective courses required in the BBA program and a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 in the 120 credit hours required for the degree. Transfer students who do not complete the same 120 credit hours are not eligible for this designation.


Introduction of Program Continuance Regulations

Continuance regulations have recently been added to the Bachelor of Business Administration program, and these regulations govern how/whether students are permitted to proceed from one term to another. Program Continuance regulations apply to full-time BBA students only (i.e., those who are enrolled in at least 9 credit hours on the last to add courses in a given semester); part-time BBA students are not subject to program continuance regulations.

Full-time students who begin their BBA program in 2024-2025 academic year and beyond, or those who have chosen to abide by these NEW program regulations will be subject to BBA program continuance regulations. Specifically, these regulations require that students maintain a minimum academic performance (60% overall average) in a given term’s courses.

It is YOUR responsibility to familiarize yourself with these regulations. The table below summarizes the consequences of failing to meet program continuance requirements. Students are encouraged to reach out to us at gcbusiness@mun.ca with questions related to Program Continuance.