Qualifications for Admission

Admission to the fully online Master of Management program is limited and competitive. To be considered for admission, an application shall:

  1. hold a Bachelor's degree, with a GPA of at least 2.75, from an institution recognized by Senate; and
  2. normally have at least two years of relevant full-time work experience, deemed acceptable by the selection committee.

Preference will be given to those who demonstrate significant professional experience and who have completed some level of post-secondary studies from an institution recognized by Senate; professional credentials may also be taken into account.

In exceptional cases, an applicant who has not completed a Bachelor's degree, but who meets all other requirements, may be considered for admission upon the completion, with a high level of achievement, of certain undergraduate courses.

An applicant who did not complete a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university where English is the primary language of instruction must normally complete a test of English language proficiency, as detailed in the University Calendar entry for this program.

For ten percent of seats per year, priority will be given to applicants of Indigenous ancestry who meet the minimum criteria for admission. Applicants wishing to be considered under this clause should declare their Indigenous ancestry at the time of application.

Application Deadline

For early acceptance to the program, applications and all supporting documents should be postmarked no later than December 1st for the following Fall start.

Applications received after this date will be accepted until any remaining seats in the program are filled.

How to Apply

The following documents must be submitted in support of the official application form:

  1. letters of appraisal from two referees, at least one of whom has had close professional contact with the applicant within the last two years, and at least one of whom is capable of appraising the applicant's academic potential as a graduate student. Please note that the assessment of academic potential is not limited to a post-secondary source (e.g., a former professor), but may also come from a relevant professional contact who is able to comment on the applicant’s capacity to successfully demonstrate academic skill;
  2. official transcripts from each university or other post-secondary institution previously attended (other than Memorial University), to be sent directly by its Registrar (or equivalent) to the School of Graduate Studies. If not recorded on the transcript, official evidence of completion of the undergraduate degree must also be submitted.
  3. a current curriculum vitae detailing professional experience; and
  4. a personal statement, of no more than 1,000 words, expressing why the applicant intends to pursue the MMGT qualification from Grenfell Campus and how the applicant is suitable for success in the program.

Important note: Memorial University will verify documents submitted in support of a graduate application, including reference letters, transcripts, and degree certificates. Submission of falsified documents is considered a serious academic offense.

Applying to a MGMT course as a Non-MMGT Graduate Student:

Entry to Grenfell's Master of Management program is limited and competitive; for these reasons, all requests to enroll in individual MGMT courses by non-Master of Management graduate students at Memorial University must adhere to the following process:

  1. Contact the Master of Management Program Officer at thought your email account with your formal request to be considered for entry to the MGMT course.
  2. Specify your student number, and name and number of the course you are seeking.
  3. Support your request with the following:
  1. a detailed resume/CV noting previous management experience, and
  2. a 500-word personal statement specifying your suitability for the requested course; and
  3. a letter or email of support on the suitability of the course for your program from the appropriate program supervisor

The Program Officer will review student requests with individual course instructors and students will be formally notified of the decision within three weeks.

Please note that requests must be received no later than one week following the start of the registration period for graduate students; requests received after this time may not be considered.