Grenfell Network Upgrade Project

Grenfell Campus underwent a campus-wide network outage and infrastructure upgrade from June 15-30, 2024. The outage was required to make repairs and upgrades in relation to the cyber security incident that occurred in December 2023.

Phones, email, network access, wi-fi, and in-person office hours have all been restored. While the majority of primary services have been restored, many projects are still in progress during the summer months.


Ongoing work 

Many services will still be unavailable following the outage. A plan is being developed for work to proceed throughout the summer with high-impact items taking priority. Labs and classrooms are being brought up onto the MUN network based on priority and will take a few weeks to be fully available.


Campus computers

Office computers are functional. Classroom/meeting room/ communal computers are still being worked on.


Emergency notification system

Please download the MUNSafe app to ensure you will be notified in the event of an emergency on campus.