The environmental science program at Grenfell Campus focuses on applying natural sciences to better understand the environment.

The natural world with its complexity and beauty offers many opportunities to learn. The environment also provides energy, nourishment, employment and recreation – to use it wisely, we need to understand it.

Grenfell’s environmental science program is a four-year interdisciplinary degree with general or honours options. Program courses explore a science-based focus on the environment that extends from chemical reactions to ecosystem functions in response to human modification of the world around us.


Why study environmental science at Grenfell?

It’s personal

Our small class sizes mean that you get to know your instructors well, and they get to know you.


It’s hands-on

Small classes also mean that you have lots of chances to apply what you’re learning in practical labs.


It offers real-world experience

There are more opportunities at a small campus like Grenfell to participate in faculty research projects.


It's local

Our location on the west coast of Newfoundland offers unique opportunities and real life experiences in various natural habitats, including:

  • Wetlands
  • Boreal forests
  • The ocean
  • River systems
  • Sub-arctic tundra

Career opportunities

A BSc in Environmental Science opens many doors, leading directly to the workforce or to further study.