Transfer Students

Transfers from other post-secondary institutions

Students may seek to transfer to Grenfell Campus one of two ways:

  1. through individual course transfers from other post-secondary institutions, or
  2. by way of existing articulation agreements with specific post-secondary institutions.

Regardless of the pathway, students from other post-secondary institutions must first apply for admission to Memorial University on or before the deadlines specified in the University Diary for the semester in which they intend to begin their program. Missed the deadline? Late applications will still be reviewed, however, priority is given to those who meet the deadline.

Once accepted to the University, students may request that individual course credits from their former institution be evaluated for potential transfer to Memorial University, or may request consideration for a block transfer under existing articulation agreements. Outstanding program requirements will be determined on an individual basis once specific transfer credits have been awarded

Students are encouraged to review Transfer Credit Process at the University and to contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information on the application and evaluation process and requirements.

Students interested in transferring into the Grenfell Business program should note that no transfer credits will be awarded for either of the final two capstone business courses: BUSN 4010: Strategy I and BUSN 4070: Strategy II.