Physics Resources

General Resources

  • HyperPhysics GSU
    • An award-winning site with explanations of hundreds of physics topics.
    • A comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site.
  • The Physics Classroom
    • An online physics tutorial platform that covers basic physics topics using informative graphics and an easy-to-understand language.
  • The Canadian Association of Physicists
    • A body of Canadian physicists dedicated to "highlighting achievements in Canadian physics and pursuing scientific, educational, public policy and communication initiatives that enhance the vitality of physics and physicists in Canada."
  • Committee to Encourage Women in Physics
    • Promotes the activities and highlights the achievements of female physicists in Canada.
  • The American Physical Society
    • A member-based organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its research journals, scientific meetings, outreach, advocacy, and international activities.
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
    • An organization aiming to enhance the understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching.
  • ScienceDaily
    • An online news platform containing daily news on physics.


Astronomy & Astrophysics Resources

  • Skymaps
    • Sky maps (star charts) for sky-watchers, educators and publishers. The Evening Sky Map (PDF) for each month, free.
  • Stellarium
    • A planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. Free and easy to use.
  • NASA
    • NASA's official site with the "Image of the Day", articles about missions, discoveries, and space technology, videos, and image galleries.
    • News of the latest astronomical discoveries and developments in commercial spaceflight, and articles on space missions.
    • Information on auroras, sunspots, solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, satellite flyovers and near-Earth asteroids.
  • Hubblesite
    • The Hubble Space Telescope images and the news about the telescope itself. The site also offers more than 50 images that are formatted for use as wallpapers for free downloads.
  • Apod.nasa
    • The Astronomy Picture of the Day - one extraordinary image every day, which is accompanied by a short explanation of the image by a professional astronomer.

Subatomic and Particle physics Resources

  • The Particle Adventure
    • An award-winning interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators, and particle detectors from the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • The Contemporary Physics Education Project
    • Presents materials on the current understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy based on the major research findings of recent years.
  • Take Action on Radon
    • A national initiative funded by Health Canada and implemented by Canadian radon scientists and technologists.
  • CERN
    • A group of physicists and engineers study the basic constituents of matter, fundamental particles, using the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments.


Geophysics Resources

  • Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    • A registered charitable arm of Canadian exploration geophysicists, working to encourage and support scientific, educational and charitable activities that benefit geophysicists and promote the development of geophysical knowledge.
  • American Geophysical Union
    • A body of geophysicists working towards promoting science through scholarly publication, scientific meeting, and conferences.
  • The European Geosciences Union
    • A non-profit international union of scientists who foster fundamental geoscience research to address key societal and environmental challenges to ensure a sustainable and just future for humanity and for the planet.
  • European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
    • A global network of geoscientists and engineers operating in two divisions: the Oil & Gas Geoscience Division and the Near Surface Geoscience Division. It organizes and manages events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops), publications (journals, books), and educational Programmes (short courses, lectures).


Biophysics & Medical Physics Resources

  • Biophysical Society of Canada
    • Advances the development and growth of biophysics research in Canada through programs, meetings, awards, and outreach events.
  • Biophysical Society
    • Leads the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics through meetings, publications, and committee outreach activities.
  • Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
    • A body of professional physicists, scientists, and academics located at universities, hospitals, cancer centres, and government research facilities such as the National Research Council as well as graduate students in medical physics programs and post-doctoral fellows in Canada.
  • International Organization for Medical Physics
    • IOMP works towards advancing medical physics practice worldwide by disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering the educational and professional development of medical physicists, and promoting the highest quality medical services for patients.

Condensed Matter Physics and Modern Physics Resources

  • Nanotechnology Research Centre
    • A government body in Canada that cultivates nanoscience platforms leading to revolutionary technologies and applications to enhance human health, the environment and society's technological future.
  • Einstein Online
    • A web portal with information about Albert Einstein's theories of relativity and their coolest applications, from the smallest particles to black holes and cosmology.


Nuclear Physics Resources

  • Radioactivity and Radiation
    • Using simple language to describe the underlying principles of atoms, isotopes and radiation, the site offers simple explanations of radioactivity and describes the basics of how to protect oneself from nuclear radiation, including an understanding of how a Geiger counter functions.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
    • The world's central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field to ensure safe, secure, and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, contributing to international peace and security and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
  • World Nuclear Association
    • An international organization to promote a wider understanding of nuclear energy among key international influencers by producing authoritative information, developing common industry positions, and contributing to the energy debate.
  • TeachNuclear
    • A platform of the Canadian Nuclear Association that shares different aspects of life while finding out why the world continues to explore the environmental, economic and medical benefits of nuclear technology.
  • Best of the Web
    • A commercial site which lists "best of the web" nuclear sites.
  • UK Research and Innovation
    • Presents resources on nuclear physics including websites, video clips, teaching guides, and brochures that are suitable for a wider range of audiences