Students pursuing a bachelor of arts in multidisciplinary humanities at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, explore the process of intellectual discovery. 

In this four-year degree program, you'll learn about how humans look at their own personal development by studying diverse topics including:

  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • History
  • Fine arts
  • Indigenous studies


Why study multidisciplinary humanities at Grenfell?

We ask big questions and look for connections. We study ideas and challenge conventions. We explore what it means to be human in an ever-changing world.

Grenfell's multidisciplinary humanities program is one of only five in Canada. We provide students with an intimate, supportive learning environment where our instructors challenge you to consider ideas from a variety of perspectives and cultural works, past and present. The multidisciplinary humanities program also encourages students to use critical thinking skills and creativity to express their ideas in effective ways. As a multidisciplinary humanities student, you have opportunities to win scholarships and awards. Here are 11 reason why you should major in multidisciplinary humanities!

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It's personal

At Grenfell, your professors will know you by name. Our low student-instructor ratio ensures that your learning will be personal and relevant. With just over 1,300 students on campus, you’ll make real connections with your classmates and become an important part of the Grenfell community.

Meet our multidisciplinary humanities program faculty and staff.


Information for first-year students

In addition to the Multidisciplinary Humanities program requirements, Multidisciplinary Humanities majors will also complete an eight-credit minor in another subject.  Minor programs are offered in areas including folklore, geography and art history.



You must meet the general admission requirements for Memorial University and declare Multidisciplinary Humanities as your major to be accepted to the program.


Career opportunities

How do you imagine your future? Law? Business? Medicine? Journalism? Academia? Technology? Multidisciplinary Humanities will help you get there. Graduates of the multidisciplinary humanities program have a wide variety of career opportunities, including:

  • Jobs in the business sector
  • Government jobs in policy analysis or program development
  • Jobs in the non-profit sector


Multidisciplinary humanities program graduates have unique skills that give them an advantage when searching for employment. These skills include:

  • Seeing issues, problems and challenges from different angles
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Developing creative solutions

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Awards and medals

University Medal for Academic Excellence

A University Medal for Academic Excellence may be awarded in the graduating year to a candidate for the bachelor's degree in multidisciplinary humanities who has been recommended by the chair of humanities. ​​


James Alexander Doull Memorial Scholarship

Named for Professor James Doull, an eminent Canadian scholar who had an impact on some of our own faculty members, the scholarship is valued at $1000 annually and is awarded to a full-time humanities major who is in scholarship standing. (Scholarship standing for undergraduate students is defined as a 75% average at the end of two out of the last three semesters in the previous scholarship year and the successful completion of not less than 30 credit hours in those two semesters.)