Frequently Asked MMGT Questions

Before contacting an academic advisor or gcmmgt@mun.ca with questions related to your graduate program, you are encouraged to review the FAQs posted here; you are quite likely to find the answer you're looking for, without delay!

The Grenfell Master of Management program is considered a part-time program in which students may enroll in up to 2-courses each fall and winter semester

The Master of Management Program is a fully online, course-based program.  No part of this program is delivered in person. The program does not include a thesis.

Since Grenfell's Master of Management program is fully online, international applicants do not require a study permit, and neither will study permits be approved for students in the program. Residence in Canada is not required for students in this program.

Tuition and related costs for graduate students can be found here.

If you need clarity, please contact our Graduate Officer at gcmmgt@mun.ca

Students intending to withdraw from the program must inform the Dean of Graduate Studies in writing. Ceasing to participate in a course, dropping a course, or informing an instructor of the intent to drop a course does not constitute formal withdrawal from a graduate program.

Except under exceptional circumstances and determined by the Graduate Office in consultation with the program faculty, this program has a single starting point each year: the fall semester.

Students who have been accepted to the MMGT program may elect to defer their start by one year by requesting a formal deferral at gcmmgt@mun.ca.

Once you have been accepted to the University and the program, you will be able to access MUN Self Service, which will provide your individual registration date and time in the weeks leading up to the registration period each semester.

You do not need to register for your courses at that precise date/time, but it is good practice to register as early as possible after you are eligible to do so.

You should also receive an email from gcmmgt@mun.ca as a reminder.

Program courses are completed in a pre-determined sequential order, beginning with 6001 and ending with 6010, so in your first term, you enroll in MGMT 6001 and MGMT 6002, and so on. 

You may review the course description of each course under Program Requirements here.

In addition to specific program courses, all graduate students at Memorial must also register for a 9000-level course that identifies them as a student in a particular program, and gives you access to specific resources and supports for our program.

In your first semester, all Master of Management students will register for MGMT 9000 in addition to your specific MGMT courses. You do not need to register for MGMT 9000 in any other semester while you are a student in the program.

Most courses will use e-texts, which may be purchased and accessed directly through the publisher’s website. 

If preferred, students can sometimes find a hard copy of a textbook through the publisher or other book sites, but please consider the amount of time required to receive the physical copy of the text and how this may impact your progress in your courses. 

Students will be provided the details of any required texts on the first day of lectures each semester. You may also search the Memorial Bookstore.

The answer to this question will vary for each course and based on your individual strengths, but typically, students should expect to set aside approximately 3 hours per week per course to cover basic course material (e.g., specific modules and any associated readings or activities). Of course, in the weeks where course assignments/deliverables are due, you will likely need to set aside more time.

Marks are typically released 5 days after the last day of exams.

Final exams/assignments are not returned to students. 

While this program is delivered entirely online, students are still able to connect with fellow students and instructors in various ways. 

Once you have access to the Master of Management Resource Brightspace page, you may access discussion boards, class email lists, and various platforms to connect virtually (e.g., Webex, online rooms). You will also have the chance to meet your classmates and instructors during the online orientation held before the start of your program, and other online connections may also be hosted at various points throughout each term.

All Memorial students require a Campus Card (so "yes," you do need to request a card).

As an online student, you may request your card through Memorial's Ancillary Operations here. These are the same instructions as you may have also noted under point #6 of the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning's Semester Startup Guide here.

Be sure to have your current address updated in the my.mun.ca system before you make your request as this is where your card will be posted.

If you feel you could use a refresher on specific skills, we recommend exploring some of the many MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that are available through sites (e.g., Coursera, EdX). 

These courses may range from a few hours in length to several months; many are free and some require payment for access.

Of course, there are also numerous supports available through the University; you may explore some of those here.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions here or on the program website, the easiest and best contact is through an email to gcmmgt@mun.ca; this email is regularly monitored by both our Program Assistant and our Graduate Officer.

Program-related academic questions should be easily answered here, however if your questions cannot be addressed, you will be directed to a more appropriate contact.