Student Profiles

Margaret Ojochide Aligbe

Start Date: September 2021
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Background Disciplines: Agricultural Economics; Sustainable Development
Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Klinke
Partner: (to be determined)
Research Project Description: The Methodological Cosmopolitanism and Ocean Governance project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada. The goal of the project is to establish the relevance of a cosmopolitan approach to ocean governance beyond methodological nationalism (intergovernmental model and the domination of nation-states) as it relates to present-day challenges and the importance of oceans to life. The project combines Law (policy), Marine Sciences, Sociology, Political Science and Sustainability Science (which is an interdisciplinary mix). It is a broad a research project with different partners across sectors and disciplines in line with the goals of the Transdisciplinary Sustainability program.


Naznin Sultana

Start Date: September 2021
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Background Disciplines: Economics; Environmental Policy
Supervisor: Dr. Gabriela Sabau
Partner: (to be determined)
Research Project Description: The title of the research project is “Circular Economy and Sustainable Food Security: The Impact of Circular Economy to Attain Sustainable Food Security in NL, Canada”. This research, so far, combines three disciplines i.e. economics, environmental studies, and business. It is based on primary as well as secondary data and both qualitative as well as quantitative methods will be used to analyze the data. The main aim of the research is to suggest the best circular economy practices (i.e. through a framework) that can help to attain sustainable food security in NL.


Abdul-Latif Alhassan

Start Date: January 2021
Country of Origin: Ghana
Background Disciplines: Geography and Resource Development; Environmental Policy
Supervisor: Dr. Lakshman Galagedara
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Mery Perez (co-supervisor); Dr. Paul Foley
Partner: Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL)
Research Project Description: Abdul’s research project “Innovative agriculture to support food security in Newfoundland & Labrador under a changing climate: Diverting industrial byproducts into greenhouse farming” aims to identify, examine, and investigate innovative ways and policy options to enhance year-round local vegetable production through efficient utilization of byproducts in commercial greenhouse farming in Newfoundland and Labrador. It combines methods from policy and agriculture and involves stakeholders in academia and industry in a transdisciplinary approach. Abdul is a 2019 African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALT) Scholar, Mandela Washington Fellow and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Policy from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN).


Lucas Arantes Garcia

Start Date: January 2021
Country of Origin: Brazil
Background Disciplines: Ecology; Conservation Biology
Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Decker
Supervisory Committee: Dr. John Dagevos (co-supervisor); Dr. Kelly Vodden; Dr. Doreen Churchill
Partner: (to be determined)
Research Project Description: Lucas holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Management and a M.Sc. in Ecology, Conservation & Wildlife Management. His research interests are on circular bioeconomy, workforce diversity, gender studies, ecology, and global change. In his research, Lucas will utilize Natural and Social Science disciplines to contribute to gender parity in the forest sector in NL, Canada. The sector can thrive in the global sustainability transition towards a circular bioeconomy, but the lack of workforce diversity compromises its innovation and resilience capacity. Ultimately, a homogeneous workforce prevents the sustainable management of forests' multidimensional assets and harms associated communities.


Kamal Ziaul Islam

Start Date: January 2021
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Background Disciplines: Agricultural Engineering; Farm Structure; Sustainable Water Management
Supervisor: Dr. Lakshman Galagadera
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Gabriela Sabau; Dr. Mumtaz Cheema; Dr. Joseph Daraio
Partner: Division of Agriculture Production and Research, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Research Project Description: The title of Kamal’s research is “Measuring the impacts of climate change on the Humber River watershed and economic efficiency of small-scale organic farms in Western Newfoundland”. Through a novel combination of three methods and a transdisciplinary approach, Kamal’s research will establish baseline hydrological conditions such as runoff, soil moisture conditions, and crop water requirements as well as evaluate the economic efficiency of small-scale organic farms in the Humber River watershed. The outcomes of this research will inform policy and enhance crop production in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), contributing to food security in the province.


Roshayne Mendis

Start Date: January 2021
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Background Disciplines: Business Management; Environmental Policy
Supervisor: Dr. William Newell
Supervisory Committee: Dr. John Bodner; Dr. Gabriela Sabau
Partner: YMCA Employment, Enterprise and Newcomer Services
Research Project Description: Roshayne’s current research project focuses on studying the New Venture Creation process for immigrant entrepreneurs in Newfoundland and Labrador and its implications on policy and sustainability. The project takes a transdisciplinary approach by combining several disciplines: Business, Environmental Sustainability and Socio-Cultural studies. She is using ethnographic research methods for her Ph.D. research and is interested in telling the stories of immigrant entrepreneurs in Newfoundland (NL). Her research interests are around Business, Entrepreneurship and Policy, focusing primarily on rural communities. She has contributed to various projects in the Gros Morne and Great Northern Peninsula regions of NL.


Mohammad Selim Reza

Start Date: January 2021
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Background Disciplines: Economics; Environmental Policy
Supervisor: Dr. Gabriela Sabau
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Lakshman Galagedara; Dr. Adrian Unc; Dr. Morteza Haghiri
Partner: (to be determined)
Research Project Description: Selim’s research project title is “Agro-ecology: A Sustainable Way to Ensure Food Security and a Healthy Ecosystem in NL, Canada”. The aim is to analyze the feasibility of introducing crop-livestock integration practices in NL (Newfoundland and Labrador) agriculture to increase food security and enhance certain ecosystem services, through the lens of valuation of ecosystem services thus preserved. Choice Experiment and Response Induce Sustainability Evaluation models will be used for valuation and assessing the sustainability of an integrated agro-ecological system in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Selim holds master's degrees in Economics (SUST) and Environmental Policy (Grenfell Campus, MUN).


Tuyet-Anh T. Le

Start Date: January 2021 (transferred)
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Background Disciplines: Forestry; Silviculture; Socioeconomics
Supervisor: Dr. Jianghua Wu
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Kelly Vodden (co-supervisor); Dr. Ryan Bullock
Partners: Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Research & Development (Vietnam) and Na Hau Nature Reserve (Vietnam)
Research Project Description: Tuyet-Anh's project title is “Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services (PFES) Programs and Rural Sustainable Livelihoods in Forest-Dependent Communities: Global Insights for Vietnam”. By integrating participatory approaches into sustainable livelihood frameworks and different methodologies (i.e., bibliometric, interview, Delphi, Likert, etc.) through research collaborations between internal and external partners in forestry departments, the project is expected to (1) provide a comprehensive view of PFES worldwide, (2) explore rural sustainable livelihoods in forest-dependent communities from implementing this program in Vietnam, and (3) reveal useful policy implications in the environmental policies and decision-making towards sustainability in Vietnam and beyond. Tuyet Anh is a passionate scientist and always aspires to create genuine and valuable works that contribute to changing the world for the better. Her publications can be viewed at the following links:


Leanna Butters

Start Date: September 2020
Country of Origin: Canada
Background Disciplines: Architecture Studies (Design); History; Environmental Policy
Supervisor: Dr. Kelly Vodden
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Cameron Forbes (co-supervisor); Dr. Heather Hall
Partner: (to be determined)
Research Project Description: Leanna’s research will combine methods from geography and fine arts to investigate the social and spatial impacts of mining on Canadian resource-dependent communities with a focus on the role of fences. Fences play an important technical role in mining regions by limiting access to mining property and allowing for the prioritization of mining activities. In doing so, fences have social repercussions in that they impact how people can move through, use, and interact in mining space. The key question underpinning Leanna’s work is whether fences can be collaboratively reimagined to support socio-spatial sustainability in mining communities.


Other Students (without a Full Profile)

  • Ajithraj Rajasekhara Panicker (started September 2022; supervised by Dr. Paul Foley)
  • Edmund Yirenkyi (started May 2022; supervised by Dr. Kelly Vodden)
  • Abayomi Taiwo (started May 2022; supervised by Dr. Raymond Thomas)
  • Chantal Pennell (started January 2022; supervised by Dr. Kelly Vodden)
  • Natasha Pennell (started September 2021; supervised by Dr. Garrett Richards)
  • Tithy Dev (started September 2021; supervised by Dr. Gabriela Sabau)
  • Abigail Oppong (started January 2021; supervised by Dr. Andreas Klinke)
  • Sara Langer (started September 2020; supervised by Dr. Gabriela Sabau)
  • Benson Gihangange (started September 2020; supervised by Dr. Kelly Anne Hawboldt)
  • Frederick Campbell (started September 2020; supervised by Dr. Kelly Vodden)