Engineering One

All first-year engineering courses, referred to as engineering one, are offered at Grenfell Campus. Engineering one comprises courses in English, mathematics, physics and chemistry, in addition to four courses covering engineering fundamentals that are common to all engineering majors. These four engineering courses introduce students to engineering problem-solving, analysis, design, communication and teamwork.

Students will develop an understanding of the different engineering specialties, as well as the interdisciplinary nature of engineering practice. Students who expect to complete engineering one requirements by the end of the winter semester may apply to undertake a work term during the spring semester. Academic performance during the fall semester (average of 70 percent or higher) is one of the main considerations.

The course ENGI 200W Work Term Preparation and Professional Development is required by all students before completing a work term. This course is only offered to students at Grenfell in the fall semester of engineering one. Engineering one students at Grenfell Campus get off to a great start, enjoying the benefits of small classes before transferring to St. John’s Campus to complete a degree in one of the following six major: Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Ocean and naval architectural engineering, and Process engineering.

More information on engineering degree programs offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland can be found at the MUN engineering website. Information on admission requirements is also available online in the engineering section of the Memorial University calendar.