Paper Mill Journal

Paper Mill is a journal of creative arts that publishes poetry, fiction, and visual arts by new and established artists from the Grenfell community and beyond. It is edited by Grenfell students with support from Dr. Adam Beardsworth of the English Program.

Paper Mill is produced with the financial support of the Grenfell Division of the Arts, Memorial's Scholarship in the Arts funding, and Memorial's Instructional Development Office.

All copyright remains with the contributing artists/writers. While the editorial board is responsible for choosing published materials, opinions expressed by the authors and artists are solely their own.

Paper Mill is published annually at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. Submissions of up to 5 poems, up to 2000 words of prose, and/or up to 5 high-quality jpeg images may be submitted electronically to

Please download available editions of the papermill journal below (links to come:

  • Paper Mill Press - Fall 2022
  • Papermill journal - Fall 2021
  • Papermill journal - Winter 2018
  • Papermill journal - Winter 2017
  • Papermill journal - Winter 2016
  • Papermill journal - Winter 2015
  • Papermill journal - Winter 2014
  • Papermill journal - Spring 2013
  • Papermill journal - 2012