About Business Administration

While small class sizes and personalized learning are common promises from many post-secondary institutions, at Grenfell Campus, we go beyond that promise to create unique and meaningful learning opportunities that lean into our collective spirit of curiousity, our desire for connection, and our deep love for this place. Find out more about why you should apply to our campus here.

The Grenfell Business program further aims to help you develop your business skill and confidence in ways that will inspire you to positively shape the organizations and communities that you are a part of. You may wish to explore the field through individual courses of interest as you complete programs in other discipline areas, or you may consider completing a minor program in business, a Bachelor of Business Administration (including an honours option), or a Master of Management.

As you examine the functional areas of business, such as accounting, marketing, finance, operations, human resources and strategic management, you will be challenged to consider how to engage in these fields in innovative, meaningful, and responsible ways. You will be pushed to consider the potential of engaging with diverse people, resources and ideas, and to think critically about the status quo and what it means to “do business” today.

Grenfell Business’ students come to us from all over the world—from the smallest of rural communities to the largest of urban centres, and they have all found a home in our program and on our campus. Our program’s staff, faculty, and students bring their own unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to our program, where our focus has always been to recognize and value that diversity, and to support each other in discovering how we use those strengths to build our communities.



Before being eligible to study business at Grenfell Campus, you must meet the general admission requirements for Memorial University.

Once accepted to Memorial, you may enroll in any business course where you have met prerequisite requirements and where class enrollment limits permit. To pursue a business minor or the Bachelor of Business Administration, you must complete a Declaration of Academic Program.

Presently, Grenfell Business has established a transfer agreement with the College of the North Atlantic (two and three-year business diploma programs). Graduates of these programs may apply for advanced standing as a transfer student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Grenfell Business, which allows for students to earn their degree more quickly.

Like all incoming students, transfer students must first apply for general admission to Memorial University, and must also indicate their desire to be considered under the existing articulation agreements in the Grenfell Business program. Once accepted to the University, transfer students will have their college diplomas assessed to determine if they are eligible for advanced standing. Students who are awarded the block transfer under these agreements should consult the Transfers & Articulation Agreements page for further information.

Students who have completed post-secondary credits at other institutions may also apply for general admission to the University and request that individual course credits be evaluated for potential transfer to Memorial.

Any applicant seeking transfer credit under an articulation agreement or on a course-by-course basis should refer to the specific University regulations on transfer ​credit and contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information on the application and evaluation process and requirements.

Grenfell’s undergraduate business programs are highly flexible, with many course offerings developed for both on campus and online delivery; it is also possible to complete your business studies on a full-time or part-time basis.