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The Custom of the Sea  

Bennett, A.; McMenamin, Marc; Blake, Sarah, Potter, M. ; White, A.; Mc Mahon, R.; Baehre, R. (2022). RTÉ Radio 

This is the story of a shocking and harrowing incident of cannibalism in 1835 aboard Limerick ship, the Francis Spaight, on a return journey from Canada when lots were drawn as to who would be sacrificed to save their own crewmates.  


Abraham’s Diary 

Brookes, Lutz, H.; McGrath, R., Baehre, R.; Rollmann, H.; Simon, M.; Aaju, P.; Gordon, T.; Semigak, S.; Flynn, A. (2009).  Battery Radio. 

The tragic story of 2 Inuit families from Labrador who were exhibited in European zoos 129 years ago. But while spectators gaped at them, the Inuit gazed back. And one of them kept a diary.  

The late nineteenth century saw the rise of scientific racism in Europe, and those who flocked to the zoo exhibit expected to gape at "exotics" from some "primitive race". What they found instead were Labradorimiut who spoke 3 languages, played German hymn tunes on violin, and who were keeping their own ethnographic notes on the "uncivilised" Europeans. Tragically, both families died of smallpox, but not before Abraham Ulrikab wrote his impressions of the trip in a remarkable diary. 


The Forgotten People
Baehre, R.; Bird, L.;  Walbourne-Gough, D. (2019). The Forgotten People. CBC Radio 

This is about the razed Corner Brook neighbourhood known as Crow Gulch, a disadvantaged community near the Bowater Pulp and Paper Mill that was razed by the municipal authorities in the 1960s.  The community had a significant Indigenous population.  The CBC article has a link to the Atlantic Voices podcast at the end; the feature draws upon the research of Dr. Rainer Baehre, the new book by CBC journalist Lindsay Bird’s and the book of poetry by Corner Brook poet Douglas Walbourne-Gough. 


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