Create a new section in main menu

To create a new section in your main menu:

  1. Click on your site title, to ensure you are previewing your home page.
  2. Click on the "+Add page" button show below

You will be asked to name your new page.

Type in the title of your new section/page, and click the "Create page" button

Your new section will appear in your main menu*

You can begin adding new content.


*Reminder: your site can display between 1-7 main menu tabs, and the number of tabs your site displays is set in your site settings. If you are going to add a new section to your main menu, it will not display until you put in a request to change the number of main menu tabs your site is displaying. 

If you added a new section to your main menu and it is not showing:

  1. A section will not display in your main menu until it has content  published in it. Add some content to your new page to resolve this issue. 
  2. You may need to re-order your main menu so your new section shows in your main menu.