Improve SEO with your URL

Your URL is very important for SEO. Consult your list of keywords for your page, and try to use your best keyword in your URL.

In T4, your "section title" sets your URL. Whatever you type in your section title field will become your URL. See:

URL tips to improve your page’s SEO
  • Include your best keyword in your URL.
  • Keep your URL short as possible so focus is on your keyword.
  • Place your best descriptors in beginning (ex: engineering-degrees, not degrees-engineering).
  • Avoid repeating words! Example, the URL below repeats the word engineering:, so a better URL would be
  • Use full words: avoid acronyms, abbreviations or slang. No one Googles abbreviations.

Request a redirect before you change a URL!

Using a keyword in your URL is important for SEO when creating a new page, but you should excercise caution when changing the URL of an existing page.

While T4 will automatically relink everything on your page for you when you change a page's section title, if anyone had bookmarked your old URL, the link may no longer work for them. Likewise, other Memorial websites that link to your page externally may now have broken links. The broken link will affect your colleague's pages, and your page will lose a source of traffic from the broken link. 

If you plan on changing the URL of an existing page, contact WCS to advise of a URL change before you make that change, so we can establish a redirect from your old URL to your new URL.