Content types

T4 is a "block style" content management system. This means you create a page by adding various blocks of content to your page, one on top of another, such as a banner image block above a block of text.

The different blocks of content you can add to your page are referred to as "content types." There is a content type for adding a block of text to your page, for example, and a content type for adding a Google map to your page. Below, you'll find a list of the content types available to all users on all sites.

In order to understand how T4 works, you'll need to understand what is meant by "content types" and how to use them. For further reading on content types, see:

The basic content type: a "content block"
Use this to add text, images, tables and videos to a page

The most commonly used content type is the "content block" content type. This content type uses an editor, much like Microsoft Word, to add text, tables, images and videos to your page. 

Specialized T4 content types

The following content types are used to add very specific types of content to your page. The ones below are available to all users on all sites, while certain sites have custom-built and site-specific content types not listed here:

Available by request only:

To request either of these, use the marketing request for services form.

Note: If your website has its own custom content type not listed here, you can request help with a custom content type anytime. 

T4 widgets

A widget is a special content type. A widget will pull and display all posts of a certain content type. For example, an events widget will pull and display all of the individual events you created to display on your site.

Widgets come with their own associated content types, which are not listed above. For example, if you add a news widget to your website, you will have access to a new content type: news articles.

T4 currently offers the following widgets:

  • Events listing (displays upcoming events and links to an events calendar)
  • Gazette feed (displays recent Gazette articles of a specified category)
  • News (displays recent news articles you write about your unit)
  • Social media feed (displays your latest social media posts)
  • Special menus (call to action buttons and audience-based menus)

For more information on widgets and how to add them to your site — visit the widget section.