Create a news article

Once you have a news widget enabled for your page, any articles you create and save in your News Articles section will automatically and immediately appear in your news widget.

You can also schedule a news article, so it is published on the day and time of your choosing.

To create a news article

Locate your site's News Articles section, and click the folder.

You will be taken to your News Articles section editor

  1. Click the “content” tab shown below.
  2. Click the green “+ add content” button to add a new article

Locate and select the content type labeled "News: Article." 

Then, click the green "next" button. 

From here, you will be taken to your news article editor.

To fill in the fields:
  • Name: Your article name is not public-facing; your article title is. Your article name will be used for you and your site users can easily identify this news article in the back-end of your site. You should name your article as follows: News article - [title of your news article]
  • Title: Type the title of your news article here. The title will appear directly above the article in a large font on your site.
  • Snippet: Whatever you type here will appear above the “Read More” button. You can also include an image or video in your snippet. It is a preview of your article, meant to entice someone to read the whole thing. This should be a 2- to 3-line summary of your article, or if that’s too difficult, choose the opening 1-3 lines of the article. 
  • Body: This is the main body (text and image area) of your article. Type or copy and paste your article here.

  • Start Date: Click in the empty field and use the calendar picker to select the date you want your article be published and go live on your website. 
  • You can set the publish date to any time in the future you want the article to go live. This is useful for an embargoed news item, or if you want an article to go live at a time outside of office hours. 

NOTE: You also set the event time in this field, by clicking the little clock icon:

  • End Time: Set the date you want this news article to expire (generally, you want your news articles to expire, so your "news" widget isn't showing stale, out of date news).
  • Author: This is an optional field. Type the name of the author of the article here.
  • Type: Select news.
    It is important you select the correct type: news.
  • Keywords: Choose a few keywords that will help direct search engines to this article. Your keywords do not have to be single words, but must be separated by commas. (Example: Arctic Research, Newfoundland & Labrador, Memorial University, Dr. Snow)
  • Tags: You can choose to “tag” your news articles with a category name of your choosing that will group similar articles and show them to your readers. For example, you can use a tag like “Research” on any article about research coming out of your unit, and if someone clicks your Research tag, they will see a list of all articles you tagged with your Research tag.
  • Show on Landing Page: Choose yes, unless you have a reason to not want this news article to display on your page.

To publish your feature: 

If you are a contributor, click save changes and ask a site moderator to approve and publish your new article. 

If you are a moderator, save and approve your changes and wait up to 10 minutes for the article to show. If it doesn't not show up, publish your News Articles section as well as your home page.