Improve SEO with your page title

Your page title is important for SEO and is also what will show up in search engine results, as shown below. In T4, your page title becomes your "SEO title tag." To learn how to set/change your page title in T4:

SEO tips for a good page title
  • Your page title should be a maximum of 75 characters long because search engines will clip any title tag that is longer than 75 characters.
  • Use your most important keywords at the beginning of your page title. Example, "Engineering programs" is better that "Programs in engineering," because "egineering" is the more relevant word.
  • Your page title should make it very clear to visitors what your page is about. "Programs" is not a good page title, but "engineering graduate programs" is.
  • Try to use a keyword in your page title you haven't used yet in your URL.