A Leaderboard is a large banner-style image that runs right across the top of your page, below your main menu, but above all content on your page, as shown below.

Leaderboards are similar to, and not to be confused with banners, which are smaller and only appear atop the content in your right-hand column.

A leaderboard is generally used to call your site visitors' attention to something like an upcoming event. They should serve a purpose and link to relevant content, otherwise they can slow your page load times and distract from the content and navigation tools your visitors are looking for. 

Here is an example of a leaderboard:

Request a leaderboard be enabled for your page

By default, the leaderboard content type will not be available for you to add to your page. You must submit a request for the leaderboard content type to be added to your site's list of available content types. Make sure you include the URL for the page to which you want to add a leaderboard. 

Once your page is enabled to display a leaderboard, follow these instructions:

To replace an existing leaderboard with a new one

To replace an existing leaderboard on your page with a new one, follow these instructions: