How pages are built in T4

Terminalfour is a "block-based" web content management system. You build a page by adding blocks of content to a page, and placing them one on top of another wherever you want them to appear.

The different kinds of blocks you can add to your page are properly called "content types." Different content types add different types of content to your page. For example a "banner" content type adds a banner to the top of your page, while a "Google Map" content type adds a Google map to your page.

The "Content Block" content type is the most important content type: it is the one you use to add text, images, files, tables and videos to your page. 

As shown below, in direct edit view (Moderators should use standard interface), there will always be an empty slot above and below any existing content on your page.  This allows you to insert new content above or below any existing blocks, should you wish to.

To insert a new content type on your page, you would simply click an empty block where it says"+ Insert Content."

Once you do that, you will be asked which content type you want to add. 

You can scroll through the list of content type options, or use the "filter" search box to locate a content type quickly. Once you locate the content type you want to insert, click the green insert button across from it.

Inserting text, images, videos, files and tables

The most commonly used content type is the "Content Block," which lets you insert the more common content types on your page: text, tables, images and videos. When you insert a "content block" you will see the controls you can use to add and format text, insert images, videos, tables and so on. For a refresher on these controls see the TinyMCE editor guide

Drag and drop content blocks where you want them to appear

Once placed on your page, you can drag and drop a block up or down your page. Simply hover your mouse over the block you wish to move, and you will see a list of options for things you can do to that block, such as save, edit, or approve. 

You will also see a "move" icon. Click this with your mouse, then drag the block of content up or down your page. Release it wherever you wish to place it. 

To read about T4's different content types, visit the Content Types page.