User management

You cannot add users to your own site in T4. Instead, you must put in a request for a new user to be added to your website. New T4 users will have to complete T4 training before they can be added to your site. You can request T4 training through MarComm's Request for Services form.

There are two user types in T4:

  1. Contributors, who can make basic edits and updates to existing pages on a site. The changes a contributor makes make will not publish and appear on your site until a moderator approves those changes.
  2. Moderators, who can add pages or edit pages on their sites, and approve any changes they make or a contributor makes.

Your website can have a max of 3 moderators and will launch with 1

Websites in T4 will be limited to a maximum of 3 moderators for each site. Initially, a site will have one moderator. This moderator will receive a formal training session before their site launches in T4. In order to ensure that the project team can stay focused on supporting active site migrations from Site Builder to T4, in-person training for other site contributors or moderators will be available after the transition of all sites into T4 is complete. 

You can add additional contributors to your site now

We are currently offering a self-directed contributor training module so moderators can add additional contributors to their website. Training for additional moderators will be available in the coming months.