Common Troubleshooting Tips

Below you'll find solutions to the most common issues T4 users encounter when updating their sites.

I edited a page, but the changes aren't showing up on my site

If you are a contributor, you have to save your changes and then contact a moderator of your website to ask them to approve your changes. Until they approve and publish your changes, your changes will not appear on your website. 

If you are a moderator, you must also approve your own changes. See the section on how to approve changes for a refresher.

If your changes have been approved, and you waited up to ten minutes for the changes to appear on your site, but they have not, simply publish the section you made your changes in and allow up to ten minutes for the changes to show up. There is no harm in publishing a section immediately after you have approved changes, just to be certain the updates will publish.

I have added a new item to my menu, but it's not showing up

In order for your new menu item to show up – whether it's a main menu item or a left-hand link – you will have to click "publish section" on your home page (if it's a main menu item) or publish section on the new section you've created and added to a menu. To publish a section, locate it in your site structure, click the blue actions box across from it, and choose "publish section."

When I click save in Direct Edit mode, nothing happens

It is a known issue that certain pages that have been migrated from Site Builder into T4 cannot be updated using Direct Edit mode. The page will edit fine, but when you click save, nothing happens. We are working to resolve this issue. For now, if you encounter any such page, the solution is to edit your page using standard interface instead.

When I try to edit my table in T4, it doesn't cooperate

If you are having difficulty editing a table in T4, it is likely because this table was not built in T4. Chances are, this table was migrated into T4 from Site Builder when your website was moved from the Site Builder web content management system (WCMS) to the T4 WCMS. As a result it is not a true T4 table.

We recommend you take the time to rebuild your table in T4, and then delete the old table. Tables built in T4 will look cleaner on your page, be 100% responsive on mobile devices and be accessible for users using assistive reading devices. They will also be easier to work with when editing your page.

We also recommend considering whether or not this information should even be in a table. Could it just be a series of headers and bullet points for example? Or, if you are using a table for a staff or profile listing, we recommend using the staff and faculty profile content type instead. 

I updated a page in Direct Edit mode, and the photos disappeared

This is a rare occurence. If this happens, you can simply re-insert the images that have disappeared, but rest assured this is not likely to happen again. This glitch is a relic of your site being migrated from the old Site Builder web content management system (WCMS) into the current T4 WCMS. Once the images are properly inserted on the page in a T4 editor, they should not disappear on subsequent page edits.