Frequently asked questions (FAQs): pre-2022

The University Calendar is the final authority on all matters related to program curriculum, continuance, graduation requirements and more.

I’m currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at Memorial. How do I learn about my options?

Students interested in moving forward with one of the new programs should consult with an academic advisor in the Academic Programs Office (

Can I take courses from the new curriculum even though I’m in the existing program?

Starting Winter 2023, some business courses from the new programs may be available as business electives for students in existing programs.

I can't find a course number that is required for my program. What do I do?

Many of our business course numbers have been updated. Click here to view the changes.

How long do I have to declare the bachelor of business administration (BBA)?

Current Memorial students may declare the BBA program up to Aug. 31, 2022 by contacting the Office of the Registrar at Students planning to declare the program should consult with an academic advisor in the Academic Programs Office (

How long do I have to apply for the pre-2022 bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program?

If you are planning to apply for the existing B.Comm.(Co-op.), please consult with an advisor at

I am currently enrolled in a business program at Memorial. Will the introduction of the new programs impact my studies?

No. If you are currently enrolled in the bachelor of business administration (BBA) or bachelor of commerce (co-operative) (B.Comm.(Co-op.)) programs, the introduction of the new programs will not impact your studies. Students will be able to complete their programs most efficiently under current program regulations. However, students may contact the Academic Programs Office at to discuss options with an academic advisor.

Most of our course numbers have been modified. Click here for more information.

Why is the BBA no longer be available?

Our undergraduate programs were last updated in 2010. Given the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the business world, it’s imperative that business schools regularly review programming in order to remain relevant and produce graduates who are innovative thinkers and communicators, and who possess business and social acumen, ethical awareness and global perspective. Also, our international accrediting body, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), encourages business schools to actively respond to the changing needs of the business world.

We undertook extensive stakeholder consultations and industry research over a period of two years, and the changes to our undergraduate programs evolved out of this rigorous review process. We have historically offered high quality, innovative and high-value degrees of which our alumni may be proud. These changes are exciting for the future of the business faculty, ensuring our programs clearly meet international accreditation standards for continuous improvement, learner success and effective curriculum management, and that our students continue to have degree options that suit a variety of learning and lifestyle needs.

Why is the honours designation no longer being offered?

To ensure consistency with other programs on campus and across the country, the honours degree designation will no longer exist. We will continue to recognize superior academic achievement through our annual Dean’s List and Awards & Scholarships programs. Students will continue to receive 1st, 2nd or 3rd class degree classification on their transcripts, which also recognizes academic achievement.

Why is the international business minor no longer being offered?

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences introduced an international bachelor of arts (iBA) in 2017 that serves students interested in international studies. Students enrolled in business programs may still complete internationally-focused electives offered by the business faculty.

When will the new courses be available?

Some new courses may begin in winter 2023.

Can the pre-2022 certificate and/or diploma be completed online?

Yes, both the certificate and diploma in business administration may be completed online.

Can the pre-2022 certificate and/or diploma still count towards a degree?

The certificate and diploma in business administration are stepping stones to progress your business education. Courses completed as part of the certificate or diploma will count towards completion of the B.Comm. degree. Certificate and diploma students should consult with an academic advisor at to discuss options for completing this degree.

Why is there one strategy course in the new bachelor of commerce programs?

In the pre-2022 bachelor of commerce (co-operative) and bachelor of business administration, there are two required strategic management courses: BUSI 4050 and BUSI 7000 (now renamed BUSI 5001). In the post-2022 bachelor of commerce and bachelor of commerce (co-operative), the decision was made to require one strategic management course.