Innovate through research

Strategic-Plan-Priority-Innovate-ResearchWith new innovations and concepts in the business landscape come infinite research possibilities. Newfoundland and Labrador, rich in resilience and fortitude, provides ample opportunities to strategically use our resources to make research contributions that positively impact our local, national and global communities.

By prioritizing a pragmatic and conscientious approach, and by cultivating strategic partnerships that engage the wider community, we are designing an ecosystem that pursues, supports and celebrates exciting, rigorous and innovative research that transforms our world.


Dr. Jennifer Jewer and her co-author, Dr. Deborah Compeau, won the Best Paper Award, Senior Submission, from the Special Interest Group on IT in Healthcare of the Association for Information Systems (AIS SIG-Health). The paper, Understanding information systems success: A hybrid view, was published in the European Journal of Information Systems.

Dr. Ashrafee Hossain’s paper, Postcrisis M&As and the impact of financial constraints, is the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Article award from the Journal of Financial Research. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Sean Cleary of Queen’s University and published in April 2020. The Journal of Financial Research is ranked A, representing 24 per cent of evaluated publications, on the ABDC Journal Quality List.

FBA Advisory Board Research Impact Award Advisory BoardDr. Jianyun (J.Y.) Tang is the winner of the 2021 FBA Advisory Board Research Impact Award for his practitioner-focused paper, “Dominant leaders: Heroes or villains?,” published in Organizational Dynamics. It was co-authored by Dr. Mary Crossan and Dr. W. Glenn Rowe, both of Western University. The paper attempts to reconcile the dichotomous views of dominant leaders as either heroes or villains while also looking at factors that may enhance the likelihood of dominant leaders precipitating either big wins or big losses for a company or organization.

Best-in-Track Award for Special Topics

Dr. Larry Bauer and Dr. Alex Faseruk are the recipients of the Best-in-Track Award for Special Topics at the 2020 Academy of Finance Conference. The award is for their submission, Understanding political pressures, monetary policy and the independence of the Federal Reserve in the United States from 1960-2019. Organizers noted that many excellent papers were received this year and as such, it is a significant honour to have been selected as the winners.

Distinguished Paper Award for Non-Profit Management
Dr. Tom Cooper, Prof. Pauline Downer and Dr. Alex Faseruk have received the Distinguished Paper Award from the 2020 North American Management and MBAA International conferences. The title of their paper is The Design, Funding and Management of Infrastructure in Local Municipalities: A Study from Canada. To have been recognized as a top paper means that it received a top paper recommendation from all of the reviewers.


Feb. 28: Fish by fish
Building confidence and measuring impact in Petty Harbour


Nov. 26: 'Hidden champions'
Research aims to support Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses

Oct. 27: 'Serious (re)think'
Advice for local businesses affected by global supply chain chaos

May 26: ‘Positive impact:’
Business faculty launches third annual research bulletin

March 29: Heroes or villains?
Dr. J.Y. Tang wins award for research on dominant leaders

Jan. 21'Natural partnership’
Business faculty joins global network focused on responsible research


Aug. 19Group of seven
Multidisciplinary researchers secure $385,000 for foundational support

July 15: Community impact
Award recognizes researchers’ efforts to reinvigorate rural communities

July 14: Well-earned results
Leading and emerging social scientists awarded more than $1 Million for insightful research

June 18: $8-million investment
Critical funding empowers researchers to take risks and make big discoveries

Feb. 18: Leading the charge
Memorial's business faculty rethinking 'business as usual'


Oct. 9Scholarly success
Business faculty awarded more than $800,000 in national research grants

April 1: Vibrant and sustainable
Business researcher seeks success factors to boost local music industry

March 14: 'Impact-centred'
Business professor bridging gap between academia and community

Feb. 20: Research pioneer
Prestigious international fellowship for business researcher

Feb. 4: Bold & bright
Next generation of social scientists and humanities researchers secure federal funding

Jan. 25: OP-ED Drs. Natalie Slawinski and John Schouten
Strengthening Newfoundland and Labrador through social enterprise: a 'PLACE' model