Champion change


We recognize that a changing business landscape is the norm, and we aspire to lead it.

We teach our students to think entrepreneurially, to seek innovative solutions and to aim for global success.

Our research seeks solutions to local challenges while also striving for impact and relevance on a global scale.

Our hands-on, real-world approach is interwoven with foundational business theory, affording a diverse educational experience. We guide by answering the learning needs of our students and alumni at all stages of their careers through our research, our teaching and our engagement with the broader community.

Our goal

Improve our curricula to ensure our programs are aligned with industry needs.

Our progress

New programs

In Fall 2022, we launched new undergraduate programs following a rigorous review of all of our undergraduate courses. This review led to core courses being revised for the new programs.

We’ve also undertaken a review of our graduate programs and are currently working toward implementing exciting program improvements.

Enhanced experiences

We’re actively engaged in enhancing the student experience and engaging the broader community through our centres, which support improvements in our programs by offering students and practitioners opportunities for learning, skills development and growth outside of the traditional curricula.

Our goal

Equip our building with spaces and technology to foster a rich, inclusive and effective learning environment. 

Our progress

In 2022, we combined a little-used office and study room to create the Ramea Room, a wheelchair accessible study room for students.

Also in 2002, we refurbished an outdated technology space to create a new graduate student lounge.


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Our goals

Foster a working environment that amplifies the capacity of employees to perform effectively and efficiently as they pursue individual and organizational goals, and support employees in continually developing skills and knowledge specific to their roles.

Our progress

We’re undertaking an employee satisfaction survey in Fall 2023, the results of which will inform and guide our actions in supporting our employees.