GDBA course evaluation

Students undertaking coursework for the graduate diploma in business administration program are bound by the following regulations regarding course evaluation:

  1. Credit will be granted only for those courses which have been approved as constituting part of the student’s program of study and in which the student has obtained a mark of 65% or higher.
  2. Students are required to withdraw from the program if a final grade of F is obtained in any course.
  3. To remain in the program, a student who obtains a final grade of C or D in any course must repeat that course when next offered and obtain a minimum grade of B. In the case of an elective course, a replacement course approved by the Faculty of Business Administration may be substituted. Only one such repetition/replacement shall be permitted in the student's program. Should a grade of less than B be obtained in a repeated or replacement course, the student shall be required to withdraw from the program.