Undergraduate business electives

A business elective is any course that starts with BUSI that isn’t designated as a required or core course. Students may choose electives that help them focus their studies in a variety of business areas.

Students may also consider courses offered by other academic units that have relevant and business-related content. The following courses are approved business electives from other academic units. Students who complete courses on this list may use them to meet either their business or non-business elective requirements.

The following courses may require prerequisites. Students should consult the University Calendar for further information about each course prior to registration.

Note: students enrolled in pre-2022 programming may avail of the courses listed below in addition to those that were in place at the time they entered their program.

  • ANTH 3200 - Anthropology of the Global Economy
  • ANTH 2413 - Culture, Society and Globalization
  • ANTH/SOCI 3260 - International Development
  • ECON 3010 - Intermediate Macro Theory I
  • ECON 3030 - International Economics
  • ECON 3080 - Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
  • ECON 3150 - Money and Banking
  • ECON 3360 - Labour Market Economics
  • HIST 1007 - Critical Reading and Writing: Themes in the History of Business
  • MATH 2090 - Mathematics of Finance
Political science
  • POSC 2200 - Introduction to International Politics
  • POSC 3210 - International Law
  • POSC 3250 - International Political Economy