Student investment team

Our team members work together each year to perform equity research and to make portfolio management decisions. We believe in and work to build an inclusive place for our team members to learn, where every voice is heard and diverse perspectives are welcomed.

Management team

The-Fund-Lewis-J The-Fund-Rughoohauth-R The-Fund-Young-N
  James Lewis
portfolio manager
Roshik Rughoonauth
portfolio manager
Nathan Young
quantitative manager

Sector managers

The-Fund-Falke-A The-Fund-Gruner-P  The-Fund-Knight-C
Aryan Falke Pedro Gruner Connor Knight  
The-Fund-Lang-M The-Fund-Noseworthy-RW  
Matt Lang Russell Noseworthy  


The-Fund-Ahamed-S The-Fund-Ayappa-Y  The-Fund-Fallows-M
Sheikh Ahamed Yeshwin Ayappa Michael Fallows 
The-Fund-Fumo-K The-Fund-Gonzales-A The-Fund-Pitcher-A
Kelvin Fumo Angel Gonzales  Aedan Pitcher
The-Fund-Singh-A The-Fund-Smith-S The-Fund-Sullivan-L
Angaddeep Singh Sarah Smith  Luke Sullivan
The-Fund-Villamar-S The-Fund-Zhao-B
Santiago Villamar Bufan Zhao   

Junior analysts

The-Fund-Edwards-K  The-Fund-Quinlan-L The-Fund-White-J
Kirk Edwards Lauren Quinlan Jack White 

Faculty advisor

Dr. Erin Oldford
Associate professor; Associate dean undergraduate programs and accreditation
Faculty of Business Administration