Undergraduate Dean's List criteria

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The Dean’s List represents the top 10 per cent of students in undergraduate business programs at Memorial.

Nomination to the Dean’s List is based on academic performance during the nominating period, which is comprised of the three preceding semesters: spring, fall and winter. The Dean’s List is published each June.

Students must also satisfy the following minimum criteria during the nominating period:

  1. Be declared in one of the following programs:
    • bachelor of commerce
    • bachelor of business administration;
    • bachelor of commerce (co-operative);
    • joint bachelor of commerce (co-operative) and bachelor of arts; or
    • joint bachelor of business administration/bachelor of commerce and bachelor of music.
  2. Have completed or obtained:
    • a minimum of 27 credit hours (nine courses) over two of the three semesters or 30 credit hours over three of the semesters;
    • a grade point average of at least 3.50 or higher;
    • an average of at least 80 per cent;
    • a grade of A in at least seven of the courses;
    • no final grade below 50 per cent or letter grade of F or FAL;
    • no more than three final numeric grades less than 80 per cent (letter grade of B or lower); and
    • not been convicted of an academic offence.

First-year students:

First-year students (those with 30 credit hours or less) must have completed a minimum of five of the following core courses in order to qualify:

  • Business 1000;
  • Economics 1010;
  • Economics 1020;
  • English 1090 (or three credit hours in any English course);
  • English 1110 (or three credit hours in any English or CRW course);
  • Math 1090; or
  • Math 1000 or Math 1005.

Co-op students:

Scheduled work terms are considered a full academic semester. During the nominating period, students must have:

  • been enrolled as a full-time co-operative student;
  • achieved a minimum pass (PAS) on their work term(s);
  • obtained a minimum of three As in the academic term;
  • obtained a grade point average of at least 3.50 or higher;
  • obtained an average of at least 80 per cent;
  • obtained no final letter grade of FAL on the work term; and
  • not been convicted an academic offence or become terminated from the work term.

International, exchange or Harlow students:

Students participating in an international exchange or Harlow program during the nominating period will have their international transcripts evaluated by the Academic Programs Office for Dean’s List consideration. Those participating in winter exchange programs should expect a delay in the notification process.


Other nominations to the Dean’s List may be made at the discretion of the dean for performance of exceptional merit.