Preparing to study abroad

Students should begin preparing for their semester abroad as soon as they’re accepted into the exchange program as some documents may take some time to obtain. A pre-departure checklist will be provided to outgoing students to help plan their semester abroad. The exchange section of the Go Abroad website is also an excellent resource to help students prepare to for an exchange.

Students are required to contact the Transfer Credit Office before registering for courses at their host institution. Students should submit a request for a Letter of Permission to Transfer Courses from Another Institution and a copy of the Detailed Course Outline(s) of the course(s) they plan to take. Please note: course evaluations can take 4-8 weeks. Letter of Permission requests should be submitted months before the student plans to leave for exchange.

Before undertaking courses from other institutions, students should ensure that the course(s) will meet their overall degree requirements, including Residence Requirements and departmental regulations, by contacting their academic advisor.

If students don’t complete the letter of permission before attending another institution, they must complete the Retroactive Credit Transfer form to have their courses transferred to Memorial when they return.

It’s critical that students consult with the Academic Programs Office (APO) before registering for courses at their host institution to ensure the selected courses are suitable for their program of study.

Before departing for exchange, students should also request a program audit from the APO to determine which courses they should register for in future semesters to graduate. Contact us for assistance with course information and course requirements.

All outgoing students are required to attend the pre-departure session where important exchange preparation information will be provided and required documents will be completed. Students will be notified of the session details via their email address.