MBA-SEE program structure

Memorial’s MBA-SEE is highly experiential with a structured class schedule that students undertake together. All students will complete:

  • A one-week orientation
  • Two academic semesters
  • A four-month internship

Students are expected to participate in special events, field trips and more in order to learn from social enterprises in the community, solidify connections and gain a fully immersive social enterprise experience.

The MBA-SEE requires the successful completion of a four-month internship, which may include new venture incubation. Students will reconnect with the cohort following their internships to summarize the learning outcomes and present their reflection papers.

All students will complete 36 credit hours, as specified below, in order to successfully complete the program.

Fall semester (18 credit-hours)

Winter semester (18 credit-hours)

Spring/Summer (0 credit-hours)

*Individual courses in this program may be offered in an accelerated format within the semester.